CDP build quality

My last two CDP have lasted under a year. They are "lower end" units costing just under a grand. Am I unlucky or is this the norm in this price range. I am shying away from buying a more expensive unit because of this problem. Also, my main (best sound) player is a TT which crushes the sound quality of my existing (now broken) player. As such, is it wiser to go the squeeze box route if I can't afford a 3K CDP. In final, my main player is the TT, although I did not use it as much as the CDP. Please help
I have never had a problem with these:

15 year old Sony
10 year old Denon
8 year old Denon
4 year old Classe
2 year old Njoe Tjoeb 400
2 week old Jolida

You got bad units and deserve compensation.
Yrs ago a friend had to ship his new Cary back 2 manybe 3X's for repairs.
NAD and Rotel avoid.
Try a non oversampling dac like the Lite DAC AH, 47 Labs, or Audionote with a good transport like the original Rega Planet. It won't beat your TT but the NOS dacs are very analog sounding.
>>Yrs ago a friend had to ship his new Cary back 2 manybe 3X's for repairs<<

Years ago is not an issue today; Cary is a reputable and reliable manufacturer.

Anything mechanical can fail.

I wouldn't take too much stock in this post.