CDP Isolation?

Do you think Walker Valid Points or inner tube isolation would work better for a CD/SACD player?
This may sound silly, but the valid points on the lead discs puts the player like 6" into the air. It looks horrible, IMO. I know this doesn't bother some people, but I think audio should look nice too.

I have never had consistent results using any isolation devices. On my Naim CDX2, the Neuance platform was incredible. On another player, it made the sound worse. It's all trial and error. Start with something (relatively) cheap like 3 Black Diamond cones and see if it does anything for the sound.
I tried both the Walker Audio Valid points and the Finite Element Cerapucs on My Esoteric X03-SE. Both made a nice improvement. I thought the Cerapucs gave an imporved soundstage, bass and low level detail over the Valid Points but my comparison may have been flawed as I put the Valid Points under the chasis (leaving the three point feet free-they wobble w/o the weight of the CD player on them-free to resonate freely--I didn't think that was optimum). The Cerapucs were put right under the esoteric's three feet.

I was a little apprehensive leaving the player balanced on the valid points as I have a cleaning crew come in a few times a month-just thought I was inviting an accident. The Cerapucs are much sturdier. I moved the Valid Points to under my Masterlink (nice improvement there as well); if it crashes down to the shelf it is resting on, it's only $800 and a few pounds compared to 50 pounds on the Esoteric and $7,000.
I also like the ball bearing type devices vs. spikes or cones on my digital. I use the Aurios with the tungsten ball upgrade.