CDP with 2 sets of outputs?

Any cdp with ability to run 2 amps in a vertical bi-amp set-up.Prefer dual un-balanced outs but a mix of bal or un-bal
would be ok so as to expand choices.Sorry in advance if this is covered elsewhere.I tried searches with various ways of phrasing this question to no avail.Has any one tried this?Cables will be half meter.
I would think that your question really has to do with pre-amps, rather than cdp's, having multiple sets of outputs (many do).

But to answer your question, the Sony SCD-1 has one set of balanced and 2 sets of single-ended outputs and Sony DVP s9000es has two sets of single-ended outputs.

You'd want volume control applied to both sets of outputs I assume to drive power amps ?
Seandtaylor99,Yikes!Forgot to put that in orig post.Yes to the volume control of those 2 sets of outs.Stehno would those Sony cdp's have that? Please excuse my confusion.
No problem, Clbeanz. These Sony's do not have any volume control.

I believe the Wadia 861 cdp has volume control but I don't know if it has dual outputs.

May I ask what amps you intend to use?

The Shanling CD-T100 CD player has 2 sets of outs that can be used simultaneously. One is tubed and the other solid state.
It sounds to me like it might be an expensive player, to have two sets of outputs (and you'd really need two independant output stages, otherwise all you're really doing is using a splitter on a single output stage, which halves the input impedance seen by the CDP), and to have volume controls on both outputs. (Most CDPs I've seen have volume on one, and the other is fixed). I'm guessing several thousand dollars at least.

I wonder if you might not get better results for the same or less money with a less expensive CDP and a preamp ? Just a thought.
2 Parasound A21's Stehno.
With all the new CDP's my hope was dual controlled outputs.
Seandtaylor99 you are probably right on that.
Have any of you had the same desire to run dual amps sans a pre-amp?
Uhh... if the cables are only going to be 1/2 meter can't you just get a cdp with one set of volume controlled outs and use splitter 'Y' cable to the amps???

"halves the input impedance" True, but should be ok with reasonable amps and cd players and a short cable.
It sounds good in principle--output from the CDP directly into 2 amps in a biamped setup. No preamp. I'd like to know about such a system, if it worked. Some equipment is certainly better adapted to such a configuration. The Shanling T100 has 2 outs, as I mentioned, and the same company's SP-80 amps have built-in volume controls. At list prices of $1999 for the CDP and $2495 for a pair of amps... well, you might want to look for a cheaper solution.

I wonder though if it's what you really want. What in your system are you trying to change with this idea ? It seems to me to be one of those things that's doable but not necessarily the best way from here to there.

For example, I've found that the built-in volume controls on both Shanling units are best left alone, the player at max and the amps at -30dB. I control system volume from a preamp. The sound is clearly better that way. There are not a lot of built-in VC's that do better than this, and you have to pay for them.

Another thing is that two ordinary amps in biamping configuration just do not sound as good as one great amp. In most cases getting a second amp does not get you sound twice as good, unless your present amp is already giving you a very good part of the state of the art. As a general rule, I say first get the best preamp you can, then do the same with your amp, then look at biamping. Taking a different route is chancy. How do you think your system would be affected by an amp upgrade ( or a preamp upgrade ) which cost the same as the biamping idea ?
'Y' splitter brought things down a peg to me Nik .

Money is whats ultimately driving this.After the Soliloquy6.5's and the A21's I'm close to tapped.You are right of course I should have passed on the second amp and built up a war chest for a decent CDP and Preamp.This main
system is an extension of things I learned from the now secondary set-up.

In that system I acheived wonderful results with bi-amp,CDP and Audio Alchemy DLC w/ps3(digital controlled resistor ladder).Moving it to the newrig with the better resolution showed the weakness in bottom end control(learning more with whats on hand)but feeding the top and bottom with thier own power source just opens up the sound in so many ways.

Maybe an all in one solution in CDP w/dual controlled ouputs.That leaves me a fallback posistion down the road of adding a preamp if needed.I've found if I get decent gear I can tweak it to get desired balance.Preamps seem to exert more personality on the sound IMO.The Shanling you mention is beautiful/flexible but just don't want a tube unit.I posed the question because so many CDP's are coming out and most reviews aim for sound and value,less being said of actual connection flexibility.
CDT100 reviews did detail connections(kudos Shanling).Thank
you for your time and thought Tobias.
Aha, I wondered if this idea, while having a good deal of merit, was not also an attempt to use old-fashioned ingenuity to squeeze a pound out of a penny's worth ( to coin a phrase ). Very interesting to have the benefit of your experience and frankness--thanks!

I do like biamp setups and I know what you mean when you say they open up the sound in so many ways. This is something Linn upgrade paths allow for, and Linn too puts priority on a high-grade preamp before biamping. They'll do it the other way if you like, but I've listened both ways and I think they're right. I also agree with you when you say the preamp exerts a personality on the sound. It's hard to find a really good preamp.

Do keep us posted !
Arcam CD-92 has two sets of unbalanced outputs. I'd bet that other Arcam products do as well.
Gentleman e-mailed me with this one;a Linn "Genki" which is$1,700 has hdcd,2 pairs of variable outs,and 2 sets of fixed as well!Linn's goal was a highly flexible budget cd capable of running 2 amps directly and hook-up to a distributed sound set-up too!Thankyou Ed they must of read my mind.Thankyou all for the input.
Strike that "Genki",research has borne out it is middle of the road performer with fixed inputs.And underperforms on its variable outs.Beanz b saddened....