CDs: Deep Storage

All of my listening is now server based (with all respect to Pettyofficer!), but I continue to own, and buy, CDs.

I need a way to "file" my CDs in an orderly (for me, alphabetical) fashion. I don't need easy access, since I tend not to look at my CDs after ripping them, but I want adding new discs to storage (in order) to be fairly straightforward.

So: does anyone know of reasonably priced dedicated CD storage boxes? (If there is some kind of packaging I could repurpose for free, that would be even better.)

I'm *not* looking for racking or shelving (such as Boltz); I just need an efficient way to stash my dormant CDs in a storage space.

As ever, your insights are very welcome.

Ummm, shoe boxes will do quite nicely and don't cost a dime if you strike up a friendly conversation with one of the fellows at a local shoe store...

Hello John

U line sells a number of suitable card board boxes for any number of items including CDs - they deliver anywhere via Fedex or Ups and are pretty reasonable.

As Always Good Listening

I have my 3,000++ CDs in these and am very happy. I put them in plastic bins with snap tops - they're safe, clean and out if the way but quickly available if needed again.
Thanks folks!

Looks like Peter's suggestion best for me: very cheap for ordinary boxes of the right size, not bad (80 bucks for 10 108 CD boxes) for "storage boxes" with readily removable lids.

Scavaging suits me, Rl, but the likely heterogeniety of one's haul might make packing and and stacking enough of a headache to justify the cost of "store bought" boxes.

Xtremefidelity's suggestion of special jewel sleeves which cut the size of packaging by 75% looks like a great space saver, but as I live in the middle of the country and have a fairly modest collection, I don't need to incur the expense.

Good listening indeed! :)

I picked up some plastic storage boxes made for CD's at The Container Store here in MA. They work very well and have very good lid locks.
Here is a link to the Container Store product.
They are stack-able, cost 16.99 and hold 120 CD's or 54 DVD boxes.
The Large Flat Rate boxes from the Post Office will hold about 65 Single Cds nicely, and they are free.