Celestion Ditton 33 - Great budget speaker

Anyone looking for a great budget speaker I recommend a Celestion Ditton 33. In fact, I think any of that series will be good, but I only have heard the 33s which I own. If I am not mistaken the Spendor used Celestion drivers in their sp1,


Back in the 70's, I had Celestion Ditton 66 speakers (Towers) paired with a GAS Son Of Ampzilla amp and a GAS Thalia Preamp.  I had a Phillips GA212 turntable with a GAS Sleeping Beauty cartridge.  Great sound!
My brother still has my old pair of 33's that i bought when I was still at school. Probably not used as he also has my old Linn DMS speakers. lol
IMO the Ditton 33s are legit audio classics and you'd have to spend about $2500 to get something comparable today. Plus, the sealed box design makes for non boomy bass in real world living conditions
   One of the many things I have enjoyed about the model 33s is how they are so effected by the set up. The better the electronics, and the better the input, the better they sound. I bought my present pair for $200. At first they were not very nice to listen to, but after a few days, what a wonderful difference. Maybe languishing in a dark closet for who knows how long, similar to a violin just tightens them up. Both need to be used to sound there best. 
   I bought my first pair in 1978 from Smith Appliance shop in Portland Ore. for $150, At first all I had was very early Mac 5100 integrated and the sound was at best just ok. Then I bought a super modified A.R. SP 3, and a yamaha 200 pyramid shaped amp. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a better transformation in sound in my life. Shiza  happens in life and I lost all that.
    But today with my present day Mc set up, I can sit and listen all day and feel a glow of happiness in how I’m fatigued free, and enjoy every last note out of these 45 year old wonders.