Center channel speaker recommendations

A post by geek101 spawns this post concerning center channel 3.1 vs 2.1 systems. My wife and I always have problems with hearing and understanding dialogue while watching movies. Granted I’m 69 so hearing deterioration is a factor but I get the complaint from those much younger than myself. I’d like to get recommendations for a center channel speaker, preferably self powered to be used for movie viewing only. 

My current setup is an Oppo 205 using its preamp going into a pair of Kef LS50W’s. Due to an anticipated move I’ve stored my main system of Magnepan 20.1 speakers driven by a Bryston 14b sst2 amp. This will be my main system when we move. We watch a movie maybe twice a month so I’d like to keep cost low, somewhere below $1,000. 

Thanks in advance for recommendations.

Go to ebay and search for "KEF LS50 Single". This will give you a few "single" LS50 speakers, a couple in white and one in black. Ranging from $535 to $641 shipped.

For amplifier, you can get a brand new Emotiva PA-1 Balanced Class D monoblock for $299. (150 watts into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohm). The KEF speakers drop down to 4 ohm around the 200hz area, so this amp might be a little weak in the midbass area. I’m sure there are much better amps (higher current), but this was the cheapest monoblock I could find at short notice.

Actually, there’s a guy on ebay selling three Emotiva UPA-1 (200 watt) monoblocks for $850. These would do much better than the PA-1 Class D. You might reach out to him and ask if he would sell one of them for something like $250 plus shipping. He might say yes, as it is harder to sell "three" amps than it is to sell "a pair".
Yeah the LS50 is a great choice with the Dayton amp, or their center speaker from their R-series is on sale for the same price...

One of those is the way I’d go, but if you’d prefer self-powered here’s one a little above your price others here have reviewed positively, and with its professional roots you should get plenty of clarity...

On the lower end of the price spectrum and if it can work in your setup, my brother uses this as his self-powered, wireless center channel and it works surprisingly well. You just need to use it with their $29 stands or put blutack (or something) under it as I find it doesn’t sound its best sitting directly on a hard surface. At $179 for a refurbished unit (I bought my brother's refurbished and it was perfect) I’d think this might be worth a shot especially if this is only an interim solution, and you have 30 days to audition so you can return if it doesn't work out (although you’d have to cover return shipping).

Hope this gives you a few more viable options, and best of luck in whatever you choose.
Hi soix, sorry to keep disagreeing with you.  ugh, sorry.
I heard the audioengine monitors at RMAF and actually was not impressed at all.  They really sounded like low cost computer speakers and I think you could do so much better.  This is nowhere near the sound quality of the LS50.

The Adam monitors could be an interesting choice, but the ribbon tweeter is definitely going to have a different sonic signature than the KEFs.  If we are looking at powered monitors for cheap, I would actually get a normal old Yamaha HS5 single (you can get them for $199).  In my opinion, the Yamaha are most natural and pleasing of the monitors.  They will not be an exact match with the LS50, but they will be a lot closer than either the audioengine or adam monitors.
The R200C center is a great suggestion, however. lol
Thanks for the recommendations. I thought I had the issue resolved when I had a local deal for a Kef R600c speaker but the seller damaged the speaker getting it out of storage.