Ceramic Coated Woofers

Does anyone know something about the Ceramic Coated Woofers that are in the Avalon Symbol and the Studio Pro.
Mine have a brown discolor near the rubber and on the rubber there seems to be a oil like fluid.
All 4 woofers of mine Studio Pro`s have it.
Have send several email to Avalon , but they never respond so I hope someone on Audiogon can give me a answer.
Could someone have cleaned them with a cleaning product? A wood polish? Mr Clean?
No , they haven`t been cleaned.
The brown discolor is on the woofer ,near the rubber all around.
It's normal.

Is the oil fluid some form of viscous damping?

Rigid ceramic drivers are notorious for ringing like a bell - so they normally need some form of control (an ugly notch filter in the crossover or those rubber "dots" you see on accutron designs). Another approach is to use constrained layer damping and sandwich a soft layer between the rigid bell like layers: like a cake with soft gooey icing in the middle....is the icing leaking out perhaps?
Symbols use ceramic COATED drive units (whatever that means), not ceramic per se, as in the more expensive models.