cerwin vega 18" 189SW

anyone have any idea if people still want it nowadays? and if so what the going rate would be? ive looked all over the net and cant find anything on it other than recone kits and damaged/broken speakers, this one looks brand new, everything on it is original.. its only been used once and it plays perfectly, any help is much appreciated
Cewin vega has the worlds best folded horn subwoofer, even a 21" folded woofer!, The current offerings are much better than the one you have!, I do not know what you are paying for it?, If its in good working order, put some very good speaker spikes under it and get ready for a blast!, A vega 18" folded woofer, the way the cabinet is different than most designs is equivelent to 2 1/2 times the sound of conventional folded sub horns!,, now thats the new offerings!, cheers!