Chang Lightspeed or Running Springs Audio

I'm looking to replace my old power conditioner with either a Chang CLS 709 or a Running Springs Audio Haley. The Haley costs about 50% more and also has two additional outlets. I'm hoping someone is familiar with both and can offer their thoughts.
Thanks for your time.
I have the Lightspeed CLS 705 and it made for an extremely quiet background. I told a friend I didn't really know what people meant by a black background until hearing my system with and without the Chang. Good luck on your choice.
Mfoley3 -

last year some conglomerate bought out Running Springs Audio (RSA) so customer service will surely suffer.

Any particular reason for the Chang?

Let's wait and learn about customer service folling this change at RSA, as opposed to making assumptions without specific evidence from this new arrangement at RSA.
Hi Jafant, Roscoeiii and Bobandcathi,

First, apologies for the very late response. I did purchase a new RSA Haley conditioner in January of 2013. Its arrival was delayed a month due to the unavailability of the three feet upon which the unit sits. Once received, an EU standard power cord was mistakenly sent. This wasn't a particular issue as I upgraded the power cord to a US Acoustic Zen Krakatoa. Since then, I've had no issues and I am quite pleased with the Haley. The background is definitely quieter and the system sounds more open with better sound staging and sweeter highs.
Good to hear, MFoley3.
When you want to step up- check out RSA Dimitri model.
Jafant - will do. At this point, my target is to update my preamp (CJ Premier 16LS2) to a newer CJ model. Another conditioner is a ways down the road.
I am reading past threads on Running Springs Audio to see if others have had the superior service I just recently experienced with Running Springs Audio and the new parent company API Technologies/Spectrum Power. Jafant, your prediction of poor service couldn't be further from the truth. I have never had such cordial, friendly, communication with any company. The turn around on my Dimitr was 7 days! I have waited two to three months with other audio companies with little communication or estimated completion time frame. I can assure anyone looking to Running Springs Audio for Power Conditioning is not only going to love the quality of its effect on your system, but also a sound company that will be there to back it up!