How long it takes to break in Running Spring Haley

Hi all,
I purchased the latest version of Running Springs Haley about 3 months ago, and up till now it doesn't sound like broken in yet. My system consists of a Cambridge 840C CDP and Luxman SQ-N100 tube amp. In average, I use my system between 5 to 10 hours per week, mostly listening to audiophile jazz vocals and classical.
After 3 months of usage, the sound has gotten slightly better, but still lacking impact in bass, rather "tight" (or constricted, not free flowing) in the mids, and kind of shrill (slightly disjointed with the rest of the spectrum) in the highs. This is in comparison with the power bar (no filtering) I was using previously. Yes I can hear more details and layering, but how long will it take for the sound to open up and smooth out the rough edges?

Many thanks.
I have a Ha;ey and a Jaco and after 3 months you have heard the extent of what it will do for you system. If you are still lacking in certain areas of your sound, you need to look at cables,components, speaker placement etc. I really believe that after the first few weeks of owning my RSA's I had heard all the difference they would bring to the table. They did help a lot, but they weren't the final fix.
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I would take it out of the system for a few weeks and then reinsert it to let you hear everything with fresh ears. Whether or not a power conditioner will improve your system is very dependant on the quality of your incoming power and your components' need for additional conditioning. Also, I don't think conditioning will improve bass impact or cure shrill highs. They generally quiet down the backgrounds, allowing more inner detail to emerge - lowering the noise floor, if you will. At least that's been my experience. Good luck.
Thanks for all the valuable inputs! I checked the specs of my gear, tube amp draws 95W, CDP draws 40W, that is 135W in total, way too low for the 1800W limit. According to local dealer, the Haley has 3 filtering modules, one for each duplex. For some reason, they strongly advise against using household high current devices (heater, electric kettle for example) on it. I'll simply plug my gear into the same duplex and let it run for another 3 months, then rotate to the next duplex and so on. Hopefully it can break-in by year end. I'll also try to swap my power bar back in to see what's been added or missing.

Thanks again!