changing dedicated line feeding 1 outlet 2 sockets to 4?


I have a bedroom system that now needs 4 outlet sockets rather than 2.  The existing outlet sockets are a dedicated line.  I am not looking to put another dedicated line in the bedroom.  I am not interested in yet another power condition or trying a power strip.  The question is really what is the impact of something changing to a 2 gang box 4 outlet outlet sockets from what I have.  As a temporary fix I am using a GE 3plug so that both of my digital sources can share an outlet socket.  The integrated amp has the the other outlet by itself.  I should add that this setup sounds way better than when I had a single digital source into its own outlet (so the effect of the 3plug cannot be so bad (the additional digital source btw is a dac controlling the transport rather than using the transports own inferior dac).

thanks in advance

Going to a 4 gang box, the only real difference between that and other options is outlet and connections quality. So you are right, the effect of the 3 plug cannot be so bad. None of this stuff is really bad in and of itself. Its only when compared to something better that you notice. 

If you use high quality outlets like Synergistic Blue that right there will probably be as good as some power conditioners. But even if you use the cheapest hardware store outlets there really should be no loss just from adding a few outlets. Use ones with screw terminals and use them for a better connection than the one where you just stick the end of the wire in. 

This shouldn't be a problem for any electrician to perform.
I say just have him/her either add a 4 outlet box or add another 2 outlet box running parallel to the existing box.