Chapman Redeux

I have been a long owner of a pair of Chapman T7s which I have always been impressed with since the day I received them. I'd been thinking it was time for an upgrade and went to the HE show here in LA. I was about to buy the show demo Legacy Focus 20/20's (I even got the okay from my wife/accountant) but had heard here on Audiogon about a possible upgrade to the Chapman's. At the show the 20/20's sounded great but when I got home I felt my Chapman's sounded too good to justify the cost. So I began to pursue the upgrade vis fellow A-goner MFJVASHON (Mike - great guy). I contacted Stuart at Chapman and we were off and running. He is wonderful to work with.

I've been wanting to post this for some time but I've been too busy enjoying the speakers. I'm not going to try to act like an adiophile reviewer here - I'm really just a listener. I'm more into the music than "My amp is bigger than yours." Let's just say I now refer to Stuart as Mr. Wizard.

So here's the deal. He put in new midrange drivers, up graded the crossover and the wiring, and did some cosmetic improvements. I was totally blown away when I got them back. I thought they would sound better, but not this good! This has by far and away been the best bang for buck move I've ever made.

The soundstage has always been huge and is even better. It really is an amazing quality of these speakers. Everything is more detailed with better precision and more of a "life-like" quality. The vocals are now truly amazing. There is a more seemless integration to the music now - fuller and smoother. They totally disappear on most recordings and truly give that "you're there" feeling. I feel I've really hit that true audiophile level of the listenig experience.

Rather than just ramble on, I'll just say my reaction continues to be "Wow!" I can only say "Thank you Mr. Wizard." And thanks to Mike for all his help. (Now I'm going to search for more Chapman's do put in the theater.) I'm one very happy customer. Stuart - if you're listening - you rock!

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