Charleston S.C. vinyl shop recommends

Heading to Charleston soon. Anyone have recommends for vinyl shops to visit? Appreciate your time and input.
I live in Charleston and I really don't know of any place that sells vinyl. Lots of CD's but no vinyl. Most everyone orders on line. Turntables and vinyl are long gone here!
Thanks Friend. Never expected that. Where does all that used stuff go? Something to ponder today.
If you are able to get to Columbia, SC (about 100 miles from Charleston), there is maybe the best used vinyl and CD shop in the nation. I live in the metro Washington,DC area and whenever I visit my hometown, which is Columbia, I go by Papa Jazz. It's located on Green Street in Five Points near the University of South Carolina campus. On my last trip home I picked up Sarah Vaughn with Duke Ellington "Song Book One", my third copy of Grover Washington, Jr.'s "A Secret Place", Thelonious Monk plays Duke Ellington, Hank Crawford and Jimmy McGriff "On the Blue Side", and The Don Pullen/George Adams Quartet - "Breakthrough". All were in great shape and the pressing of Grover Washington piece had the dynamics of the first pressing that I got back in 1976 that I played to death on my old BIC 940 TT. They played it for me in the store. It's interesting that you can travel the world and the finest things can sometimes be found in your own backyard.
You can find a little vinyl at flea markets and about. Yard sells are another source around about.
Charleston is not exactly a huge audio market. There's a couple of audio stores but they generally don't stock much really high end. Read Brothers Stereo on King Street is the only real 2 channel dealer and the owner does like vinyl. Good place to deal with, nice people and he can order certain things. He just doesn't stock any because of low to no volume for it.
The audio warehouse is primarily home theater. They don't stock 2 channel.
I buy most of my equipment from Atlanta or other sources outside the state. I have never had a sale of used equipment here in the state. It all has gone out west or up north.
South Carolina is a really dead state for audio! Georgia and North Carolina offer much more.
It is one of the reasons why I worry about 2 channel and it fading away. It only seems to thrive in certain areas of the country.