ls this the frequency of vinyl

Sam here and while doing some research on ancient frequencies i discovered that the great pyramid of giza could have been a resonator like a giant musical instument. lt is well-known that the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber is tuned to A = 438hz and the kings chamber itself is tuned to F# over many octaves. The Pyramid had a harmonic relationship to the Earth and was capable of responding sympathetically with the earth’s resonance. ln modern music the standard for tuning is A = 440hz however if A = 438hz than an F# would 368.31hz. Using an online tone generator i recorded a 368.31hz frequency pure tone at wave 16/48 for 1 minute and while playing the 368.31hz audio file on my desktop using windows media player with the volume at 100% i made a copy of a digital album on my desktop (copy and paste) and in compairing the sound quality between the commercial download and the copy the copy sounds like analog vinyl which is a clear indication that the 368.31hz frequency has the ability to remove the digital fingerprint and make digital audio sound like analog vinyl. here is the download link for my 368.31hz frequency file simply play this file on your computer with volume at 100% and while the tone is playing make a copy of a digital album or song (copy and paste) and run your own test compairing the sound quality between the original and the copy and tell me that the 368.31hz frequency had no effect on the sound quality of the copy. You want proof run the test friends.
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He is really no crazier than some of the other members on here. At lease he isn't taking himself seriously. Or at least I hope not.

I think he does..Which is just fine, I’m nuts anyways!!!!

Yes just so ya know, they had batteries back then too. Took a mule to pack a pair of D Cells, though. Move forward a couple thousand years now...they fit in the palm of you hand...., Just sayin’ SAM....

TUNE IN!!!! NOT OUT.... We don’t need the mumbo jumbo, 2020 buddy lets start there...

Yet I come back... it's Sam's serious mind control SH&T.  LOL

No, no, no, thats all wrong. The Great Pyramid was a power generator, it created energy from waves in a chemical solution in the very bottom chamber of the pyramid.

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The Fifth Element. 

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you know the adage, “Give a man a fish... Teach a man to fish, etc...”
guitarsam, This is something I have been tracking for some time now. The frequency of vinyl is 5.6 times per week.

The frequency of CD, in case you were interested, is 20 Hurts.
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Actually the movie was Stargate. Big ring, flushing side ways...

But its all true. Yup, yup, yup.
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Sam here and i realize now the resonate frequency of the kings chamber in the great pyramid of giza in egypt applied to audio is superior to even vinyl cut from an analog source. My test confirm it's better than my 8 track tape frequecies,vintage vinyl frequencies,1971 reel to reel frequencies,elite shungite frequencies,432hz frequency,paper put in the lamp socket,quartz crystal frequencies,the shuman earth resonance of 7.83hz. The quest continues however for now this is my new go to audio frequency. i'm suprised that nobody's jumped on the bandwagon? why would audiophiles not want the best sound you can get.l'm aware that science can't explain this phenamena however that doesn't explain what my ears are hearing unless ive lost my mind and everyone knows it but me and if that were true how can you explain all the discoveries i have made.

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