Cool record changer.  For those who haven't seen one, you could stack LPs on the tall spindle and the turntable will drop the next LP one at a time after the first one ends.  This is why some double albums are numbered 1 & 4 on the first LP and sides 2 & 3 on the 2nd LP.  After listening to sides 1 & 2 you just flip the two played LPs and replace on the spindle and hit "Start".
Looks like a pair of Tandberg tape decks, a Marantz 7(C?) pre amp and a Marantz 10B tuner.  Record changer is a Dual 1019 but the arm doesn't look right.  Would like to see the power amp and speakers.  
Yeah cool equipment for a Cool person.I remember being a kid and going to my grandparents tenants house with my uncle .Harry was his name he was a mechanic at one of the candy factories around LIC were I grew up .Well he had great stuff I will alway remember the audio equipment he had .I wish he played something better than Mitch Miller on his stuff but it was the early 60sand I was like 8 .....Yeah he had a Reel to