Check out my new YouTube channel

Or search YouTube for "The Audiophile OCD", or for "Doc Skeekmo"

It is a new channel discussing all things audiophile… electronics, tweaks, racks, room setup, room treatment, system design, etc.

Totally not for profit. I just do it because I just love this stuff. Its a place for anyone who just can't ever get enough about our awesome hobby.

Please subscribe. And please post comments so I can make it better. 

I run a thread on the Digital section of these forums regarding top tier dacs. This channel is essentially an extension of that forum to allow everyone to see my system and get inside my head. 


I look forward to seeing you on my channel!

- Doc Skeekmo - The Audiophile OCD
Making it better: I’d rather see you discussing sound or equipment issues and/or a friendly debate with your friends on the channel than you quietly telling us what you own. Strong opinions and heated debates will  keep us old audiophiles watching. The fun is in the passion.
Excellent- mattnshilp

there is  real market for this sort of thing for those of us who do you have local dealers/retailers. Most certainly, the fun is in the passion.
Happy Listening!

Ive watched several and would like to hear the system in action . Play through a dozen or so tracks .