Best drum solo (best drum sound) I have ever heard... and its a YouTube MP4!

Check out: YouTube from “2021 Capital Audio Fest: Jefferson Room”.


Assuming this is the link, IMO the attack and resonances of the drums sound compressed. Could be due to the compression of the MPEG-4 file. The cymbals, however, sound terrific; very good tonal qualities, shimmer, and sustain.

Everything old is new again. That link is to an old Charlie Byrd direct-to-disc record that was a darling of the audio salons back in the 80s. Pressed on heavy white vinyl and cut at 45 rpm. I still have a copy. Not a bad record musically.


Charlie Byrd - Direct To Disc

Found the link on youtube to the complete album. Sounds good on my Grado SR80 Did not try on the main system yet.

The Sheffield Labs direct-2-disc Drum Record LP features Jim Keltner on one side, Ron Tutt on the other. Keltner's solo is pretty good, Tutt's not so much. Typical direct-2-disc sound quality on both sides. In other words, stunning.