Check this out- Ric Sanders Group

I’ve just heard a great new(to me) group- The Ric Sanders Group. Ric Sanders himself is a member of the folk/rock group Fairport Convention and this is a side project for him- and a very good one at that! Its a jazz-folk-rock-classical style music- just a little bit of all of them with what ever magic the Ric Sanders Group adds. Ric Sanders is on violin, Vo Fletcher on guitar and Michael Gregory on a kit drum. The music ranges from originals by Ric Sanders to cover’s of songs from Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Chick Corea, Miles Davis among others. I’ve found the sound quality to be great and the music is very introspective- every time I listen to it I like it more! Its not the kind of music I would want to listen to everyday but it is very nice when I want to go to the place where this takes me. It was recorded in Lincoln Cathedral in England- so the music has a very pleasant warm ambiance to it from the Cathedral’s acoustics. What really got me excited about this piece in particular was that it is a double disc set(available on redbook cd only to the best of my knowledge) the first disc contains audio tracks to enjoy the second disc contains a binaural section, a DTS section and a MPEG video! The video is great it allows you to view the magic happening as they performed! Well that’s enough of my ramblings I just wanted to share this with other’s who may appreciate this unknown music. The name of the disc is “in Lincoln Cathedral” and it can only be found, to the best of my limited knowledge, at Music direct. Let me know what you guys think if you get a chance to hear it!
This 2-disc set, with its binaural recorded tracks on the bonus disc, is really a must-own for any audiophiles who indulge in headphone listening. There really is something about this violin-led small combo recording in a magnificent acoustic environment that lets the sound breathe and reverberate with the notes wafting around the vaulted ceilings. As Music Direct states in their overview, it's a gentle, beautiful affair that's like no other album you own.