Cheers, to Hermon Hosmer Scott!

So, this morning my tube amp that drives the porch speakers (Mark Audio Altair 12p drivers in home made cabinets) went a bit fritz. Sound then no sound, in and out, but no distortion. Just working and then not. I shut down and checked the tube seating, then went to work. Upon returning from work, the same situation, and with the weather being so beautiful, I didn’t want to sit on the porch with my martini and NOT have music. So, I went to the archives (my basement) and pulled up the H. H. Scott LK-72 I had reconditioned many years ago.  Reconditioning was replacing the old rectifier, total recap (Electrolytic and polypropylene, not the disc caps), and new modestly priced tubes. Last time I used it was about a year ago to test some other gear, just to see if said gear was operational, not really listening. Well, after about an hour of listening, I am thoroughly shocked at how good it sounds. To think that a month ago I was considering selling it as I didn’t really use it anymore. Certainly it isn’t the definition of refinement, but it’s got way more detail than anything this old has a right to, and jeez Louise, it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen too.  Probably built around 1962, and probably as a kit.  All original parts save the replacements mentioned. All point to point wiring, not a printed circuit in the whole thing. Almost as old as me, and I am bowled over, and having a blast. Thanks Mr. Scott, this Bud’s for you.  And Buddy Guy...
I have two Scott integrated tube amps with new caps. They are a joy to listen to on my Quad 57's and Rogers LS3/5A's. Certainly a lot more affordable than vintage Marantz and McIntosh! Vacuum Tube Valley had an issue devoted to the various Scott tube gear. 
While not Scott, I have two pairs of rebuilt EICO HF35 monos. One pair drive Quad 57s. They sound fantastic. Likewise, as old as I am and I've no need for anything else.
Darn... unavailable!! That was the 4 second clip of "Mr Wilson - Great Scott" I imagined that was dprincipato's reaction. 😄