Chinook vs AR PH5/6

I've got a Manley Chinook home on demo. I like it, but feel like it's resolution may nto be quite what I was hoping for. I would buy the Manley new, but would consider used, and am wondering hw the AR PH5 or PH6 would compare. I have looked through a lot fo posts/reviews, but have not seen this comparison. thnx.
I've owned the Manley Chinook for one year now. In my opinion, the resolution is superb. Of course, I replaced all stock tubes with Siemens Halske tubes from Vintage Tube Services. I'm sure that made a huge difference in the resolution and overall performance. Just my $0.02.
You can't go wrong with the Chinook...I let a friend borrow mine last weekend and he immediately text me about buying it!!! Of course it was fully broken in as well. And I got full retail for about that;D. Best phono under 3K in my opinion. Good Luck!
You should really look into the Allnic H1201. It's much better than the Chinook.
Hey Guys...I have a Allnic H-1201(black) on the way, will be here Saturday and can't wait to fire that baby up!!! After reading the glowing reviews I had to order one. I'm having withdrawal pains I haven't listen to any vinyl in a week!
So we'r eeager to know - how is it? How does it compare to anything else you've heard?
I take nothing away from the Chinook...but the Allnic is in another league!!! Very fast, detailed, transparent with tight articulate bass...I'm loving it! Just my first impressions I'm sure it will get better.

Honest...It's worth the extra $800...believe me ;D
No one mentioned the AR PH6. I have it my system and it is quite nice. I haven't compared it against the other two listed above, since I was replacing my AR PH3 at the time. I have heard the AR REF Phono 2 and it is quite another much much higher level. However it costs quite a bit more also. My suggestion is you probably won't go wrong with the phono stages listed above. But, it is in your best interest to demo each of them at your home in your system before you purchase one, take it home and find it isn't quite up to what you want. So, find some dealers, and ask them to take the models home for a in home demo first. Some stores and dealers have no problem doing this, if 1) they are fairly confident that you will do business with them and 2) your credit card is good.

Yes Minor I agree...All components are system dependent therefore try before buy is always best...!
Thanks for the advice, all. After an extensive audition, I decided to buy the Chinook. I don't know if it's the best, but it at least sounds good, and the company seems very reputable. It was as much as I was willing to spend. The others I would buy used, so no chance of home demo. I will keep my eye out for used AR and Allnic, Zesto, etc. I also wonder if something else is the weak link in my audio chain (I have another thread on that one). My analog is not as good as my digital yet, but it's close, and I can listen to my records now, and have a baseline to consider upgrades.
A Great choice Honest...!!! You won't have a problem with matching a cart to it and the sound will get better & better with a little patience. Hope you enjoy it for a long time and if you ever need service EveAnna and Paul are a delight to deal with. I have they're Reference reissue preamp...It's killer!!!
If you analog isn't as good as your digital, there's definitely a problem. See what happens with the Chinook. Also make sure your table is level and on a proper surface. When I moved my turntable to a wall shelf the change was as significant as an upgrade in phono stage or cartridge.