Choosing between the following three cable brands

Following many great comments and discussions with fellow inmates and manufacturers... I've shortlist down to the following for my system.
1. PureNote Paragon i/c and spr cable
2. Gurreilla Sivlver Push/pull spkr cable
3. Cerious Technology i/c and spkr cable

MBL 1531 CDP
I/C: Harmonix HS101GP 1.5mm XLR
P/C: Gutwire PowerClef SQ going into PS Audio P500

ARC Reference 3 Preamp
I/C: Harmonix HS101GP 1.0mm XLR
P/C: VH Audio Airsine going into PS Audio P500

Krell FBP 200 C
internal P/C to wall

Speakers: Verity Audio Fidelio Encore
S/C: Harmonix HS101 2.5mm single wire

PS Audio P500 PowerPlant with Labcable into wall.

Music: Bocelli, Pavarotti, Sarach Brightman, Secret Garden, YOYO Ma and general violin concerto.

Lacking: speed + dynamics, Cello doesn't dive deep on base at all.
Hi Kyoto,

I'm not familiar with your 3 listed choices, I haven't heard any of them. I did face a similar lack of speed when I purchased my VA Parsifal Encore's. Silver cable has helped tremendously. I'm currently using Ridge Street Audio Poiema!!, though I am expecting a pair of Kimber KS-1130 in tomorrow for comparison.

The Verity Audio speakers really sing with silver cables, IMHO.

I would probably try the Gurreilla cables first, if I were you, since they list for 1/4 of the price of the Pure Note, and have a unconditional 45-Day Bullet-Proof Guarantee. Seems like a pretty safe trail anyway.

Your Harmonix interconnects and speaker cables are going to be damn hard to beat.
My guess is if your not happy with the sound it's not your cables, most likely your room needs some work, or perhaps a weakness in a piece of equipment however I have no idea where the weakness would be, it looks very good to me.
Of the cabling you mention, the only one that *might* better the Harmonix would be the CT!
Do you use dedicated circuits and high quality AC outlets?
Consider Crystal Cable.
Harmonix are lovely but in some systems can tend to favour a round sound with full mids - warm and a bit soft at the extremes. I know of several people who found Crystal a good alternative.

Best Wishes
I just returned the CT cables after a 12 day audition. I much preferred my HMS Gran Finale ICs and my DIY solid silver/teflon/cotton speaker cables.

I have been strongly considering Valhalla speaker cables, but the leaness that some describe has made me hesitant. I am currently burning in Pure Note Paragon speaker cables with power resistors. We shall see.

I also recently installed my 4th EG cord in my system - an Epiphany on my Berning ZH270. I still don't get how power cords can alter the sound so much, but this cord is staggeringly good.

Your description of the Harmonix cables is exactly how I would describe the CT cables.
thank you all.. following the above comments from various experts.. I have decided to order a pair of Purenotes speaker cables to test. If things work well than I'll change the I/C as well. But in the mean time, the run-in VH audio Airsine is really making my system sing... The lack of speed is still present, but it's now more musical.
Note: I posted the same message in the Asylum:

I ordered my full set of Cerious cables including digital, 2 analog IC's, speaker cables the first week of September and just received them yesterday. They are running about 2 weeks behind approximate delivery dates. Bob has been great throughout, sending an email when they shipped.

I, unfortunately do not have the Cyberlight for comparison, but have been (as of last evening) been comparing them to Pure Note Paragons, which have bettered the likes of Virtual Dynamics Master (analog and digital IC), Stealth Varidig Sextet (digital) in my system. Last night I sequentially added the Cerious cables while subtracting a Paragon starting with digital, then one analog IC, then another analog IC. Tonight will be the speaker cables.

System: Levinson 37 CD transport, dCS Purcell and Elgar plus, Levinson 32 Ref pre, Sierra Denali (on mid/tweet), Krell KSA 300S on woofers, VMPS RM/x speakers.

My initial impressions were mixed. Granted, they do seem to need time to settle after shipping and manipulation from installation based on other recent posts. My first impression was, however, of the amazingly clear midrange. Female vocals were the best I have heard. I listened to 2 jazz CD's I am very familiar with, both on XRCD (Jacintha and Ella Fitzgerald). I could hear every detail, of breath, rasp in the vocal chords, chest, resonance in the head of the singer, etc. My only concern was a little less body overall....and I do mean just a little less. The clarity was, however, eye opening. The next thing that hit me was the quite large increase in sound stage height, width and depth. Floor to ceiling, side wall to side wall, and depth...maybe 3 fold larger. The vocal performers were further out in the room while instruments in the bands were further back...except for solo instruments. This effect was also quite stunning. Even though instruments were further back, every detail could be heard and in fact more so than with the Pure Note Paragons.

The next thing I noticed is that, initially, I felt as though I needed to turn the volume up a bit more with the Cerious cables to match levels for comparison. But I think what is happening is that the quiet passages are quieter and the loud passages are louder...aka, inceased dynamic range. There seems to be an effortless ebb and flow of the music through these cables.

The highs at first seemed to be a bit subdued but upon closer listening they are all there, in fact that is also evidenced by the ability to see very far back in the sound stage with absolute clarity. I think there is just less high frequency grunge as these cables are immune to RFI.

The bass was incredibly detailed, but I have not fully evaluated it yet with some really low stuff. String bass was amazingliy clear. Some posters have noted some bloat or flab in the bass, but I am not getting that in my system.

Tonight will be more evaluation of the midrange (I still need convincing that the slight decrease in body is natural). So, I will be listening to more vocals, piano, solo cello, solo violin, steel string guitar. And maybe throw some big choral with pipe organ at them and see what they do in a very ambient venue and what they do with very low bass.

So far I think they are keepers.

Jeff (Apogee): Your experience is the same as mine with the CTs, including the issue of volume and dynamics. Since a previous post a while ago, I have checked out how deep the cables reproduce bass notes. I find no problem there, in fact I find the CTs to be better at reproducing deep bass in general. That is, if the definition of "better" includes reproducing INDIVIDUAL bass notes clearly differentiated in pitch from other bass notes.
unfortunately purenote cancelled my order after two weeks of non delivery and problems with their supply. Hence, back to square one again. Hearing CT is also taking forever to get orders out to customers. Seems like the economy is just too strong and demand outstripping supply. I am still using all Harmonix setup, with powercable by VH audio and Gutwire. The airsine and flavour 4 are very musical cables indeed.
>>Hearing CT is also taking forever to get orders out to customers.<<
Maybe not. Srajan of 6moons just sent his back in favor of the Zu Varial which are half the price. Didn't like the Cerious' high end. Where have I seen that before? Anyway, check out the final review at 6moons.
what about the Zu variel ? - Zu ibus speaker cable .
I have done a lot of camparison, especially after the 6moons shootout against the great stealth Indra,
They were spot on , the Varial is excellent ,I had Audience au-24 , and steath Meta carbons.
they give you a 60 day trial , with nothing to loose .
Within the first few days I can hear things the others miss with their patented technology even at several times the price ,my freinds Crystal reference ,and harmonix was just not as good and 3x the price.No hype this time ,