Chris Harban Woodsong experience...super good!

I recently acquired a restored Garrard 301 turntable that was in need of further work upon arrival here, so I contacted and subsequently sent the unit up to Woodsong Audio.

Owner Chris Harban took TOTAL control of the situation and completely fixed all associated problems, and did so while fully communicating with me the during the entire process. He was thorough, patient, and as helpful to my end (with my questions, "how to's, why's", etc) as anyone could be. And the finished product now operates as it should. There were no hidden tricks, gray areas left undefined, nor any other associated negative entities at any time during the process. Nothing but proper communication with realistic expectations.

As for the 301 turntable, a new idler wheel is now in place, as is one of his machined eddy discs. And he installed one of his "torlon" lined bearing housings, designed to increase dynamics, lower the noise floor, etc, and then bench tested the turntable in full prior to sending it on to me. All in all, it works now "as new", and I could not be happier.

I've been in the hobby for decades, and I've met just about every type of personality you can imagine, and i gotta say, Chris is one of thee nicest, most thorough, most assured people I've ever dealt with, and I have absolutely zero hesitation in recommending him, and his products, to anyone, under any circumstance.

Chris Harban Woodsong Audio = Total Win!!

You should add his web link.
Oh, never mind.
I love how many talented independent designers there are in the US.
Thank you for sharing! I made a mistake a few years back of ordering fluted plinth for my Sondek from someone else (Chris does not offer fluted plinths but I wanted that "original" look). What I got was  real stunning craftmanship but it just did not fit!! 
My point is: there is quite a few fine craftsmen out there, but only one Chris Harban!!! also, I agree with Art Dudley (of Listener fame, now with Stereophile) that Chris prices are so low, its a shame (for folks like me) not to use his service