Clarity CMR vs Jantzen Alumen Z caps

I believe I have narrowed it down to these 2 caps for tweeter. Can anyone give there experience or opinions between the two. I've also heard of combining the two, has anyone tried this, thanks in advance.

humblehomemadehifi man says they work well together but maybe you already know that? 
Hey Paul,

I really really think you are at the point where you need to buy and listen. :)

I agree, I don't think I can go wrong with either, or mixing them. There much better than what I have now, it can only improve no matter what I do. I'm considering all Jantzen or combining, may not do all Clarity, who knows. Just want to order, get them in this week so I can remove Sonicaps. Not much info on Jantzen maybe because it's new and was hoping someone may be familiar with Jantzen Alumen from what I have found sounds like a very nice cap. I put Jantzen supremes in Preamp I use to own,have tube CD player with Jantzen supremes so I am familiar with supreme sound but not Alumen. 

Thanks raul, I'm going to go ahead and order the Jantzen Alumen, they seem to fall more into what I'm looking for. They look small even though I've now moved the crossover to outboard on a 2 inch maple platform. If Alumen do what I think they will, I will do point to point adding some nice inductors. I've never seen silver inductors. Parts express is out of the 8.2 may have to go to hifi collective unless anyone knows where else to buy them, thanks for all the help from everyone I don't think I could have figured this out on my own.
Dear @paulcreed  : As I said you can't go wrong with. Btw, in my external XOs I wired everything point to point/hard wired, it makes a difference for the better.

My 100% pure silver ribbon inductors came from Alpha-Core and are second to none ( I know this because I tested several inductors before those ones. ) in this critical XO quality performance function levels.

Here the Jantzen distributors options:

due that I can't find out in my country Jantzen accepted that I buy it directly from them.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
That interesting is the silver ribbon bright, im familiar with alpha core I have copper is some monitors( they are point to point). Couldn't  find them from dealers, ill look at little harder. The inductors in LSA's are cheap. If the silver knocks a little edge off things  while adding a little air that would be nice, but if it tips it up I would have to stay away. My only concern is my speaker cables are solid core silver TG Audio Lab( Bob Crump, had his Blow Torch Preamp) they are very smooth, but do not sound like silver. It may sound funny but I think just pulling crossover out of box made a difference while not changing any parts.

Dear @paulcreed  : Silver is the best audio " transmiter " All over my system are connected with silevr and my speakers and subs internally were rewired with silver even the power cables are silver ones. I use Kimber Kable and Analysis Plus and H-Technologies all over the system.

Silver is not only the best conductor in audio but very neutral too. Some say is a little to brigth but it's not the problem nromally belongs to the audio items we are using but not the silver conductor material.

I bougth my air core silver inductors several years ago, maybe Alpha-Core does not manufacture today, I don't know what I know is that are really good and beyond what we can imagine. Maybe I can be wrong but if caps can makes a difference for the better the inductors makes a higher changes for the better.

Yes, pulling XO's from the speaker box mmmakes a notable difference and this tell us how " vibrations " under " heavy " pressures makes the passive parts to been degraded in its quality level performance.

I hear none of you guys or gals mentioning resistors I have been modding over 20 years ,the Path Audio resistors are the best out there noticablybetter then Duelund less  then1% tolerance and very detailed and natural
in my excellent Ampheon  Argon 3 s monitors I have the Jantzen Alumen 2-2,2uf  and for the big 47 uf cap the clarity csa with a 1 uf Alumen and has open coil copper inductors . Neotech Occ Copper Teflon wire using cornel Dubilier .01 940 c 3000 v bypass caps . Tony is spot on . the stock speaker was very good.
these monitors now are world class, and changed the speaker terminals to the Mundorf Evo , very good .p.s in the fall I may try the excellent vh Audio ODam  caps when he comes out with the 250 v 47 uf caps  very balanced the Alumen 
are staying  for the tweeter  and filter section .