Class A amp-best way to burn-in?

Hi-got my new amp today-a class A Sugdena21-any tips for the best way to run it in? I had my dealers on loan about a month ago-his was well-run in--noticed tonight it lacked a bit of weight and sounded ocassionally a little compressed to how I remembered it..this did change after about 4 hours becoming less noticeable.....will simply leaving the amp on all the time do the job? It's hot but it's on a rack thats well aired... Thanks in advance, Ben
Hi Ben: I leave my Musical Fidelity amp on all the time. It runs in class A up to X amount of watts and then switches to A/B (it idles in class A). It takes a number of days to sound its best after it has been powered down and then started again. When new it took a couple of weeks at 5 or so hours (probably more) a day of playing music to sound the way it does now. I do not know how much of the break in was achieved from just being powered up -vs- it actually running a signal. The nice thing about leaving it on all the time is that it is ready to go when I am. Though I prefer tube amps this is one aspect that I do not miss. David99 had a thread going on his new "Pass" amp that has a lot of info on the subject. Funny thing is that I always leave everything powered up but I swear that my CD player sounds better having played two or three cuts after setting idle for long periods of time. Maybe my ears need to warm up.
Turn the central heating up full bung and play Metallica, on repeat at max volume until the Sugden runs in or your neighbours complain.
Actually I had a mate round while playing Load by Metallica...he was so taken by the sound of my Sugden that he's trading in his Krell for one....shouldn't you be working...Mr McDonald