Class A integrated Luxman L590AX vs Accuphase e560

I had been looking at the Accuphase E560 because I want to simplify my system. It can have a dac and mc phono boards. I recently read positive thing about the Luxman L590AX and the new Luxman DA06 dac. I would prefer a one box solution but .............. Has anyone compared the units?
Thank you for any help.
For a one box solution have you considered the Devialet? I just saw this at my dealer and its a stunning piece of equipment though I have yet heard it.
I use very efficient speakers so the power of the Devialet in necessary. The Pass unit is a very nice amp but it does not have a built in phono or dac. With the Accuphase if a new dac or phono board comes available you could swap the new one in.

Has anyone out there been able to compare them ?
I can vouch for the the nice Luxman gear you are looking at. Very sweet, rich, detailed, played again many times!
I am a long-time Accuphase fan, if price is not an issue I will stick with Accuphase 560 (biased). My only concern is the quality of a DAC card v.s. a dedicated DAC. Phono cards are pretty mature these days but DACs evolve every year. As an alternative, I'll stay with a separate DAC and an PrimaLuna Premium Integrated. The advantage is (1) you get maintainance-free tube sound, (2) no need to wait for Class A amps to warm up to the right temperature to sound good.
I own the Luxman L-590ax integrated amplifier and like it very much. For me, the music is fuller, has more detail and has great bass control. I am hearing many more things than I did with the Ayre AX-7e amp (previous amp). The mid range is outstanding. I do not understand but it seems classical music sounds better on the Luxman than the Ayre. The music is clearer, more airy and easier to listen to. Overall, the Luxman amplifier sounds excellent in my system. My source is the Ayre CX-7e MP CD player running balanced (Harmonic Technology Magic Link Two interconnect XLR cable) into the Luxman amp connected (Synergistic Research TESLA Quad Speaker Cable) to the Sonus Faber Audio M Speakers on Sonus Faber stands.

I believe it is the class A operation plus the wonderful design of this unit that makes it sound so good.

I suggest you give it a listen. You really need to audition this unit and the other amplifiers you are considering. I would also listen to the Pass Labs Class A amplifier (INT-30).

I know this is old. Wondering what the difference is between the mark I and mark II 590ax

cant find anything on this.