classe and goertz m2 veracity not compat

my experience auditioning goertz m2 veracity speaker cables with my classe ca 200 amp was that they caused the amplifier to overheat and when i spoke to alpha-core (goertz) they said this does occur with some amplifiers.
If your amp is overheating to the point of shuting down then there is a problem with the amp, not the cables. I've used several cables with my CA 200 with no problem. This amp does run hot however.
I would HIGHLY suggest using a Zobel network when using even a reasonable length run of any of the Goertz speaker cables. Due to their high capacitance / low inductance design, some amplifiers of wide bandwidth design can oscillate and overheat. Besides having the potential to due possible damage to the amp, the sound will not be as clean, clear or focused as it should be either. Goertz will supply these at no charge for use with their cables. Sean >
I have heard that the MI2 can be a problem for some speakers.I have used them and not had problems.One of the better cables.Beats many other higher priced cables.