Classe not working

Hi! I own a Classe CA 101 that I bought about 20 years ago. Recently, we were triying to connect a cable jack but immediately, even on mute, the speakers began to make weird noises. So we put the classe off just by pressing the button and then we disconnected the cable. The point is that when we tried to put the classe on again, the light remained off, although it did make a power-on noise. Now we can’t make it work and don’t know where the problem is. Anybody knows what to do?


Check to see if the switches on both sides of the speaker posts are in the correct position. You might also flip them back a forth a dozen times or so to make sure they are working right. I would check the fuse on the rear panel and pop the top off and look for any internal fuses.

Recently, we were triying to connect a cable jack but immediately,

Are you referring to the power cable or source cable?

How long the amp had been sitting on the shelf?

Please clarify those to get more clear answer. THANKS.


Thank you for your response dill

We had checked the fuse on the back and after your comment we opened the amp to check the internal fuses. We found two but they were covered by a white capsule, unlike the one on the back, which had a transparent capsule that enabled us to see the wire inside. We’ve planned to buy new ones and see if that solves the problem.

Hi czarivey

Sorry i forgot to say that we connected the cable to the preamp. I don’t know if those things are related but the problem took place immediately after.

I would say almost 15 years.

Thank you!

Now I know the problem.

After 15 years you should slowly bring it to operational voltages using variac otherwise stress is too large and can damage circuit components.


To test fuse all you have to do is to connect to ordinary continuation test light. If it lights up, then you get good fuse, if not, your fuse is blown. Note that buying new fuses will be a small waste of time. 99% they will be blown the very moment you press the power button according to the nature of your problem.