Clayton Audio M300 Upgrade

Can anyone share insights and experience on having this amp upgraded to most current specs, which consists of primarily increasing the capacitor banks to 200,000uf and a transformer switch to 2kVA (2 x 1kVA) per channel. With no dealers to demo improvement in likely bass response, I'm not certain ROI is there. Any help greatly appreciated including other potential improvement suggestions for cost.  Thanks in advance. 
I can't comment on your amp in particular but I will say that power supply upgrades are always a good idea. And that upgrade sounds extremely significant doubling your power that's both a lot of capacitance and transformer power. I would expect a nice increase in sound quality across the board. Not sure the cost of the upgrade but I would bet it's a pretty cost effective way to improve your sound.
Thanks, Jond.  From some additional research, the upgrade does improve bass dimensionality and tone.  Additionally, there is better transformer isolation, thus its quieter.  I also was informed to consider replacement of all capacitors due to age and degradation.  
My pair of M300's had already been upgraded by Wilson before I bought them.  I agree with Jond - more headroom is always good - this upgrade gives you that. These mono's can handle whatever you throw at em with wonderful tone and musicality. The broader the dynamic range the more they shine.