Cleaning Eichmann Silver Bullets

Anybody got any thoughts on how to best remove tarnish from Eichmann Silver Bullets?
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Just did it last week - use Tarnish Shield or any other silver cleaner. I simply wiped them clean and they look like new.
go to your local jewelry store and they sell the silver cleaner. $4 bottle will last you the lifetime.
Thanks guys...Guess I'm basically trying to avoid using pasty stuff that will be impossible to get all out of the cracks.

Jbello...What would vampire wire do? They are connected to BMC nearly silver cable. this the stuff thats a watery liquid and you dip? If the body of these things where not plastic I guess I would be less timid with them...don't want them to dissolve on me!

Fmpnd...You can rinse all the Tarnish Sheild off easily? I think I have that around.
Canyon John,

Wrap some blue painters tape around the jacket to avoid getting it on the sheathing.
While on the subject of the Eichmanns,my phono cables use them.Any thoughts on how these may compare to some other mfgrs terminations.Purist?/WBT Nextgen?Cryo'd types?

Thanks in advance!!
The silver cleaners from jewelry store comes in a plastic bottle. Obviously it doesn't dissolve plastic.
In either case, you should not dip your connectors into the solution. Just apply with paper towel or cotton swab will do the trick. Make sure wear gloves.
Vampire wire won't do anything - unless Eichmann makes Wooden-Stake bullet plugs.

You must, of course, connect Silver-Bullet plugs to Werewolf Wire, which, to my knowlege, hasn't been made yet.

Anybody wanna take a crack at it?
Lazarus28 - more! Please :-) - I've read other threads comparing nexgens and everyone agrees the WBT's outperform by a large margin...although these better most others. Don't know about Purist though my Zen silver's are plugged into thier rca-xlr adaptors...which seem very transparent.

PS, the eichman's came attached to my Black Mountain Cable "nearly" silver pinnicles, which are pretty decent cables.

Thanks guys!
do not remove the silver tarnish as it is more slightly conductive than silver and won't harm your signal, and may improve the quality of the "sound"
I don't know about that. I get the oppsite effect. It sounds much better after cleaning.
Canyon John,
If you go to either Radio Shack or Fry's you can pick up a cleaning kit made by Caig for about $20. This kit includes the Caig DeoxIt and the Caig Gold plus cleaning tips, wipes etc. Just follow the directions and you will have nice new looking well protected plugs.

The silver tarnish is NOT "slightly more conductive" and should be removed.