Cleaning power with tweaks.

Im looking into how to clean up power on my circuit for my audio setup. This room is used for multi-purposes. The AC outlet is an Audioquest NRG Edison. I have my receiver, theater pc, dac, phone preamp hooked up into a Shinyata Hydra 6 power conditioner.  A Wireless router, modem, hue light hub, satellite, xbox, tape deck, turntable, projector, etc into a Monster MP HTS 5000 MKII Reference PowerCenter conditioner. All power cords have been upgraded. Everything is crammed together. also due to space. In the other room on the same circuit is an OLED tv, satellite. Sometimes I run an EOP (ethernet over power), but unplug it when listening to music. Now.. Im not sure if this is enough to keep this power clean and filtered. Are there any suggestion to tweak power this up???.. I'm thinking something like an ISOTEK EVO3 ISOPLU, maybe even a few of them, but don't have too much experience with filters.
If you’re looking for power tweaks, I’ve had very good results with the iFi AC ipurifier.
My sources are fed into an Equi=Core 1800 and my amp into the wall.
The iFi plugged into the amp circuit creating a very low noise floor which produced more detail and a spacious soundstage. All for only $99.

I wait till weekends, and listen from 5-6pm til 3-4 am.
power at that time is good and clean!

 Other hours it’s tweeter static from the dirty ac from our scum city.
Try my "golden plates"....It is a low cost homemade controls tweaks of my creation... See description in my virtual page section....Low cost and amazing... Ipurifier is good, I own one, but cannot be used anywhere all along the electrical grid of the house, near computers, near routers, on the central electrical panels ….etc...
Try a daisy chain of Richard Gray power cubes. Add them as you can.
Seems to me you’re in the dome of noise. Try anything that will lower the noise. It all does something but you may not know how much because a worse sounding connection is covering up. So when you solve the mother problem, the little ones will follow along.
I like to remind myself that my end goal in this is to hear the music as clearly as possible via whatever equipment I have. Science shows us that almost any gear will transmit a signal to a speaker with incredible accuracy. What happens along the way is simply added noise. You really need a dedicated line for at least part of your system.
Clean all wall outlets in the house, including those used for appliances, lamps, TV, fridge, etc. 
Science shows us that almost any gear will transmit a signal to a speaker with incredible accuracy. What happens along the way is simply added noise.
It is my experience after my very simple experiments....

All gear that are only good could be suddenly amazingly good if someone gives a try to controls the electrical, mechanical, and acoustical embeddings.....

First, do you have your Hydra 6 supported and decoupled like a standard component? Since you already use Shunyata, look for a used Hydra 8 or better. Daisy chain the 6 into that. I’ve done it and recommend it.
slaw: Not sure what you mean by supported and decoupled.  It goes into an audioquest nrg edison outlet (which made a significant change). And the other PowerCenter conditioner goes into the same outlet. And its ok to plug  a power conditioner into another conditioner? 

geoffkait: how do you clean wall outlets?

mahgister: how do you setup and make the golden plates?


Supported =on a platform or decoupling feet like Stillpoints
Decoupled = on a platform or feet as above that decoupled from vibrations coming from below and drains them from above.
You"ll never hear all your components are capable of until you do this.
It depends on what type of conditioner it is as to whether you should plug one brand into another. That’s one reason why I suggested using the same brand.
Don’t set conditioners on carpet if you want best sound.

Why do you have everything on one circuit if HT is in another room? To take advantage of the NRG outlet? I'd put the HT in the separate room on the Monster and your audio on the Shunyata. Still consider a used 8.
Try ADD-POWER ElectraClear in every outlet your audio and video is plugged-in. At $75 each, they are absolutely the best AC power tweak I have experienced. 
CAUTION: For advanced audiophiles ONLY. Use the Magnan Audio scheme for constructing capacitor banks that plug into various unused wall outlets around the house, audio and non-audio circuits. These capacitor banks comprise capacitors of specific values and are connected to a power cord so some skill in soldering is required. The capacitor banks act as high pass electrical filters and are VERY effective.
Interesting indeed...

But Geoff where is the address of the second part article?

Forget Pt. 2. Pt 1 contains the instructions for building your own AC line filters.

CAUTION Experienced audiophiles only!
Ok Thanks.... This positive feedback magazine is also interesting to me..... :)
Yes, Positive Feedback is very good. I once won an award from them. Can you believe it? 🤗

You are at worst intelligent....Just unbearable sometimes....But always with humor and wit, then... 

almost always..... :)

Anyway this magazine must be look at it seems …. thanks....
slaw: Everything is in one room (HT also), just meant that the same circuit that is on the same line on the breaker also has another LED screen, satellite, etc in another room that also is on a conditioner. Everything is basically multi-purpose with young kids. All audiophile components (Receiver, DAC/PSU, HT PC/ USB External PSU, Subwoofer, Phono Preamp, are basically going into Hydra 6 into NRG outlet, and all others like, satellite, xbox, hue, cooling fans, cable, wifi, etc, are going into Monster. Every component is supported and decoupled, except Hydra 6 and Monster.. so I'll decouple them, Thanks. I do have extra 2 NRG outlets that I havent installed yet either. Do more of them help improve the situation?

mahgister: the link is a great read.. I saw pictures of your setups and looks tempting, but with kids around (and wife) not sure how well thats going to turn out.

: I'll look into them. Is one enough for all circuits? can it be plugged into a conditioner (thats plugged into outlet) if outlets arent available?

I was thinkning... If I shut off EVERYTHING in my house at the breaker, except for my listenting/HT room... and unplug everything except for listening components... Shouldnt I notice a difference then if I have interference disrupting audio? Should it be as clean as possible at that point? Has  anyone tried something like this?

I would consult with Bill at ADD-PWR on if one is enough. This is a entry level product. I got three in my dedicated audio room as their effects are cumulative. This can be plugged into conditioner but the size of the module may prohibit you to do so.
lalitk: can I use an extension cord on it? or does that defeat the purpose.

Just ordered the ADD-POWR SYMPHONY PRO EMF Conditioner. Hopefully it helps.
@deanshias  Good move on ordering the Symphony Pro. 

I have had the ADD-POWR Sorcer X4 in system and am very happy with the results.

I'm currently evaluating the ADD-POWR Wizard also.

As david_ten pointed out, good call on Symphony Pro. Post your results once you had it in your system for atleast week or so.  
I also have the ADD-Powr Sorcer X4. I actually owned 2 of them for a while but 2 of them was overkill.

Very impressive.

I had the Symphony Pro back when it was Quantum Corp. (oh, no, quantum! 😩) and it was isolated on a sub hertz stand because I had a spare one lying around. But ‘twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood.
lalitk: how is the ElectraClear compared to other plug in devices like Russ Andrews Silencers, Purifiers, Zapperators and Balanced Mains Units. These have to be plugged in at the same outlet as sources or one on same circuit? Do they work with audiophile outlets? Is there any precautions with them?
OK.. Just received Symphony-Pro and have a few questions before giving my thoughts.

1) If I need a longer cord. Is an extension OK? Does an upgraded cord improve results? If so.. how?
2) I have 3 outlets in listening room that everything is connected to. The one has two conditioners with multiple outlets that are all fully occupied. Is it ok to plug this into an outlet that is on the same circuit but 5 feet away from outlet that components are plugged into.
3) Where do I drape the antenna wire that would work best? ..on sources, wires, HT computer, wifi, conditioners, etc?
4) Whats the best way to do an A/B test? Is simply turning it on and off good enough to notice a difference?
5) Im not sure if its me but I feel like I actually feel this thing. Almost like descending cabin pressure in an airplane?
It's not you. I also felt 'something' when I plugged in the Sorcer X4.

I'm not sure if its me but I feel like I actually feel this thing. Almost like descending cabin pressure in an airplane?

A dedicated line isn't mentioned in your post or suggested. It is arguably the first place to start.
Cost effective too, compared to some audiophoolery we love to spend money on.
tablejockey: That is the next step, but the same equipment will still be there and its still cluttered with emf producing devices (wifi,HT computer,cable modem, etc)
I sell directional copper foils for windows and for unused wall outlets, Flying Saucers, both of which address stray ratio frequency interference. 
The ADD Powr ElectraClear and Symphony products are the best values for the money in the market. There are no equivalent quality upgrades available elsewhere. The Wizard and Sorcer offer more sophisticated low frequency algorithms that  simply bring out the full potential of your audio system. This is an interesting approach to electrical environment conditioning - adding a signal to the power source in order to resonate the audio signal. The proof is the increase in the S/N across the audio spectrum. Wow!