Cleaning tube pins and sockets

I have an older tube preamp which uses four of the type 6922 tubes. I have NOS tubes in there now. Once in a while I get some noise from one of the channels. Reseating the tubes clears up the noise problem. Obviously, it's time to clean the contacts. I can easily clean the tube pins but how can I clean the socket? The socket is soldered into the PC board. I was thinking about using a toothpick wrapped with a small piece of the thick blue paper towels that are sold in auto parts stores and working the toothpick in and out of the socket holes. I have Caig DeoxIT and ProGold on hand. Can I get by with either or both of these? I read that ProGoldPlus is recommended for high temp applications such as tubes. Any tips (or warnings) from you tube guys?
Square toothpicks are good. Don't wrap it - you will probably end up loosing the the paper in the hole and having to get it out.

Also, I found some small brushes in my local drugstore in amongst the toothbrushes etc.
If you're using NOS tubes for the first time (i.e., they haven't been used in 50 yers) it's usually something inside the tube that's settling. I don't think moderately dirty pins would cause crackling.
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Cleaning tube sockets

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