Coincident interconnect opninions

I have been using Coincident's interconnect between my CD player and integrated amp. I am quite happy with the sound. To sum it up, it is the best copper interconnect I have had in my system to date. I feel the strong suit of the cable is its evenhandedness. Not pushing any part of the musical spectrum in my face, yet not veiling any part of it either. All the music is there; from its low, taut bass through the clean midrange to the extended, detailed, but not crisp treble. Soundstaging is excellent, among the best. I cannot fault the cable in any area. Usually, I can say I liked the cable, but... I cannot do this at all with the Coincident interconnect. The fact that this cable costs $299 leads me to question the need to spend more. Sure, there will be other cables better suited to other systems. But does one need to buy megabuck cable when we have incredible products from Coincident, HomeGrown Audio, and Silver Audio at our fingertips? Maybe it is best to seek out reasonable cable first, and then ascertain whether wire that costs more than $1000 for a meter is needed. As my opinion is based on what I hear in my system, it is not absolute by any means. With my tube amplification and silk dome tweeters, it is difficult for a cable to come across as bright in my system. There are other idiosyncracies of my system, just as there are in all of ours. I am wondering what the reactions of everyone else who has tried this cable are. How you compare this to other cables? Has anyone found better? And has anyone found better for less than $1000? Thank you to everyone for your consideration.
Good Morning, I'm running Bat geat (30SE preamp/VK200 amp and VKD5 cd player). All are currently connected by balanced XLR Blue Heaven interconnects. The sound is rather bright on some cds and can, in fact, be grating. I called a dealer I respect and he recommended the Coincident interconnects. They should be arriving shortly. Your overview of your experience with these interconnects made me feel very hopeful and I appreciate you writing about them. As soon as I put the Coincident interconnects into my system (and give them a little break-in time), I'll write and let you know how it went. Again, thanks for your comments.
I have the CST IC's between my Arcam 8se and my Rogue 66 as well as between my Rogue and Bryston 4BST. I find them to be the best copper IC's I have used to date. Let me qualify that I have never auditioned any of the super high end cables such as NBS and Quatrofill, etc. but these are the best I have used to date. In a nutshell, they have provided me with the detail I have received from silver cables without the harshness that silver has in my system. Don't let the price fool you - more expensive is not always better...These work very well for me and are a great buy at their price point - your measurements may vary...
For some reason I stopped obsessing over interconnects when I finally ran the Coincident IC's in. I found them superior to everything else that I have tried, a list too long to mention yet again, but including Cardas Golden Cross and Wireworld Gold Eclipse (my previous favourite).
I forgot to add one thing in my opinions. I may get butchered for this, but I have to report what I hear. You can all take your shots at me. Here goes... Of all the interconnects I have tried, in my system, the one that this sounds closest to is AudioQuest. Their high end copper stuff. Mainly goes back to my evenhandedness comment. Other wire I have tried can be in my face, or may leave me feeling I am missing some part of this music. Has anyone else had these feelings? Or am I just trying to draw a parallel to something I haven't heard in far too long a time?
I got a set of Coincident new and I hesitate to comment as they only have about 100 hours on them, but I found that right out of the box they bettered AQ Lapis, TARA master gen 2, Harmonic Tech Pro Silway 2. The depth of soundstage with the Coincident in my system (Dunlavy 4, Wadia 860, BAT VK150se) is over the top compared to any of the other interconnects mentioned. It seems just a bit laid back though in the treble. I have kept all of these on hand so the comparison is not from memory. I am amazed at how absolutely diffrent each brand sounds, it really makes me think that to get the best out of your system, you need to try as many brands as you can. I have yet to try the over 1k stuff, though I think I might go for a brand that offers a $ back guarantee, and see if it can better the Coincident. I think that you are right on about the Audioquest, the Lapis in my system was the closest to right, before I got the Coincident. I have heard that the Coincident speaker cable is a great buy as well.
Hi Trelja, I had been listening to many ICs in the $1000 + range. The Coincident competes with all of them. IMO the Coincident should not be judged as good budget cable. The highly praised Nordost Quattro fil IC has nothing on the Coincident except for it's outrages price. I do like the Kimber 1030 but at $1200 it is not an option for many. IMO Coincident has given the audiophile A world class product at a reasonable price. You can do better but at what price? There speaker cable is also a steal when comparing to other high priced cable. Maybe Coincident, Home grown and other co. like these will send a message to other wire Co. that the audiphile/music lover need not pay there rip off prices. Like Redkiwi said you might stop obsessing over ICs
I need to take this opportunity to thank you in public Brulee for letting me audition these Coincident ICs and power cords. You are truly a prince in our magestic hobby. The more we converse via e-mail, the more I realize what a reference you are on the world of cables. I do hope one day to try the Kimber Select. I certainly hope that the message gets out to everyone regarding the performance in absolute terms the Coincident cable is capable of. ESPECIALLY in lieu of the price. I realize it will not work for everyone, but it is strange how I have yet to come across any negative feedback in regards to this cable. There is a silver cable I am listening to right now that is totally redefining what I have come to expect in cable. But that is for another thread...
I have not been able to locate a dealer for these interconnects in my area. Can anyone recommmend a dealer who would allow a 30 day trial and give a fair price?
Trelja- post it post it. We are in exactly the same ballbark and I would like to hear any of the comments you have, especially in regards to the diffs between copper and silver.
Eljif, I think that for the vast majority of audiophiles, copper is better. Not that I think it is better, but that it will reveal things to the point that we may not like what is there. I think in the right setup, silver is superior. In my opinion, there is just more music coming through with silver. The window is opened more. But, as the old adage goes, there is more muck flying in also. When I use my solid state system(for comparison), the sound is definitely better with copper. And to get back on point, this Coincident copper is the best I can recall. Others here are more experienced with cable though, I have to admit.
Hello, I have 2 pair of IC RCA (1m/each)and 1 8' pair of speaker wire (no biwire)sale for $800 (retail $1195). The cables is used less than 30 hours. Selling due to move up to NBS cables. Any questions, please email me at Thanks
Trelja, you will be happy once you put Coincidents all the way around.I dont even think about cables anymore.Use their IC and Speaker cables and you will be pleased.And you can then concentrate on other things.
Actually Leafs, I have thought about that a great deal. I currently have two Coincident power cords I am playing with, in addition to the IC. They are great for the money. Superior to Synergistic Research to me, for about the same money. I have a silver power cord that is better than the Coincident in my system, so I use that. The rest of my equipment(CD player and tuner) have captive power cords, so I cannot take advantage of the Coincident PCs(will upgrade the player at some point). I do prefer silver interconnects to Coincident in my system. However, as I stated previously, Coincident is the BEST copper cable I have come across. Speaker cables will be my next focus(in 2001).