Coincident Super Eclipse or Devore Nines?

I currently own the Super Eclipses and love them, but wish they had a more revealing midrange and top end. I actually like the vocals when they are pushed forward a bit and I find the coincidents good, but not great at that. Would the Devore's do this? I listen to rock and alternative so am looking for bass drive and snap with details on the highs/mids.

Will be driven by Pass XA30.5 amp. Thanks
both speakers are pretty balanced. your room and placement is the real deal here.
Are your speakers wired internally with Extreme cable? If not, that will definitely bring the sound forward. Also, I think that Coincident cable in general present a pretty revealing picture. I've been using the Extreme ICs and the CST1 speaker cables and like them very much.
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Hi, yes it has the extreme wiring. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them very much just wondering if the DEvores would be different? Also, have not tried tube amp yet. Thanks