Coincident vs Lamm

I currently own the Coincident, Frankenstein, 300b monoblock amps. In my system, they are by far the best I have ever heard and I've heard quite a few. I think once you live with a set amp of this caliber, you won't go back.
A friend has offered to sell me his Lamm 2.2 set amps at a really great price but I'd probably have to sell the Franks to do the deal. I have not heard the Lamm set amps so I really don't know how they compare. Does anyone here have experience with these amps?
Just borrow the Lamms from your friend, it will take all of 30 seconds for you to get blown away! One caveat use their stock cords and don't use audiophile fuses, footers or tweaks.

disclaimer, Lamm dealer of 16 years.
I agree, if possible try the Lamm SET in your system and listen. The Lamm
is 6x the cost retail of the Frankenstein and has more power. As you already
know personally the Franks are superb but many people feel the same
about the Lamm as well. You'd expect the Lamm to be superior(35K
amplifier) and everyone has opinions on what would be the better amplifier

. You have an actual opportunity to judge for yourself in your own system ,
opinions of others aren't nearly as valuable. Either way you choose you'll
have a first class SET amplifier. These amps are certainly different in design
approach and circuit, output tube etc. Lamm could likely have more bass
and drive and the Franks possibly more nuance and transparency, just a
guess. I have much respect for both of these companies.
Best Regards,
Since your mentioned SET, I assume we are talking about the ML2.2, not the M2.2.

I like the ML2.2 a lot, and it is a very excellent sounding amplifier. I do however, find it way over priced, therefore, it would need to be a "VERY" good deal for me to consider a move.
Did you hear the Lamm with your Total Eclipse and have you had a chance to hear the Frankenstein MK II?
Charles, your comment regarding the bass and drive of the Lamms is accurate. With the right speakers they put everything else to shame. And they have more nuance and transparency than the Franks, easy to hear if the preceding electronics are up to scratch.
Hi Dkarmeli,
Transparency and nuance are a Frankenstein strength, but Markus owns this amp and knows its attributes. You and I know listening to both and comparing is the best, otherwise opinions can be traded endlessly.
Charles, no I have not heard the Lamm’s with the TE. My friend runs his Lamm 2.1 with Verity Audio Lohengrin IIS speakers. He also has a pair of Tenor Audio amps. He is the same guy who just bought the Wyetech Ruby STD which I will hear this coming weekend.
Hi Brf,
Let me know what you think of the highly thought of Wyetech Ruby, you can post on my system thread if you'd like.
I've heard the Lamm ML3 several times but haven't heard the ML2.2 amp.
If you really want the best , as Ive heard the lamms and the Frankenstein , buy either the wyetech sapphire 300b 18 watts rms or the ultimate ruby 300 b . Truly spectacular in sound and appearance
Thanks guys for your response. My friend lives in another state and is unwilling to ship them to me for a listen without a commitment. I understand his concern but to put out that kind of bucks without a listen...... I'm at an impass.
I could travel to where he lives but I would hear them in his system and not mine plus I'm not sure I can wrap my head around parting with the Franks.
Lamm makes the best SET amps on the planet. I have long wanted a set, but could never afford them. They are in a league of their own. I heard them on Merlin VSM speakers and that speaker has never, never sounded as good as they did with these Lamm amps. I've owned the VSM three times and could never get them to sound like they did with those Lamm SET amps. Oh my!
No amplifier is in a class of its own ( hyperbole )even though it may be fantastic. Owners of Audion, Tron, Absolare, Zanden, Kondo, Wavelength etc. Could legitimately claim the same.
I accept that there are truly wonderful SET choices in the marketplace and everyone has their favorites. I just hope Markus can listen to the Lamm he's considering, sounds like fun to me.
Hi markus,

Where do you live 1299?.

A small advice:
1) If you buy a brand new Lamm , make sure that you deal with capable, reliable and well-trusted dealer.
2) Make sure that you also can manage connection and communication with the manufacturer.

lamm is a good product, but dont sacrifice your life to struggle with dealership and technical matter that may occur in the future.

You have to have a good access to both of them, or you have to have an access to your "own' technician and replacement spare parts in the market.

Good luck
A class of very few a small combined group on their own.
A small grouping of the elite on their own. The few, the proud, the class of their own . Ya, it happens in all product categories. Lamm is indeed in a class very few own :-) I suggest none other do it quite like a Lamm.
I've heard the Lamm ML 3 driving the big Wilsons on 3 occasions and the combination was very impressive. I'll assume a family sound with their ML2.2 amplifier. Just as impressive if not more was hearing the Viva Aurora driving the Trenner Friedl speakers under the same show conditions, utterly life like and so impressive. Another example, Tron Telstar 211 SET driving the large Cessaro horn, excellent. I understand what you are saying, but it's all pure subjectivity at any given level.
Markus1229, how much is he asking? If the price is really good, then there would be little downside in purchasing them and trying them out. Well priced Lamm's are always in demand should you choose another direction.
I would suggest that you ask your friend to have "you" bear the cost of shipping (plus insurance) both ways (if you don't like it) to try it in your system. This way, he has nothing to loose. If he is still not willing to go that route, then I don't know if he's truly a "friend".
Hi Markus,
I see your dilemma, it may still be worth your time to travel and at least hear
these acclaimed amplifiers If you can't get them in your system.
Brf's suggestion is good, only problem is you'd have to sell your
Frankenstein to swing the deal (and what if the Lamm doesn't suit you?).
You have a terrific system now but I can certainly understand your interest
in the Lamm SET as well. You're thrilled with the Franks so this is your
template. You can listen to your friend's Lamm system and try to
extrapolate to the best of your abilities.
The amps could get damaged in the shipping and at this guys house. I would not do this for my friend because then if something happens the friend may or may not take care of the damages.
Insurance would presumably cover any potential shipping damages. Ideally the Lamms need to be heard in Makus' s system and compared to his current amplifier. You just never know until you hear a component with your own ears.
I have not heard the Frank, but have heard the ML2.2s and owned a pair of ML 1.1s for quite a few years. They are superb amplifiers with the right speakers, but I would heed Gr-gin's warning. My ML 1.1s had some problems, and having a dealer to get them to and from Lamm was a huge help. They certainly are not easy to pack or ship.
Both FED EX and UPS have been known to refuse covering damage and if they do could take months. This guy could damage the amps taking them in and out of the boxes. I would not do this with something this expensive. I lent a component which happened to be a Timbre DAC to a friend. When he returned it to me the whole top cover of the dac was stained. I think his dog peed on it. This was black anodized over extruded aluminum cover. I was lucky in that the manufacturer had another cover to replace this. He did not want to buy it and I was never offered money for this incident.
Take a drive to visit your friend and bring home the amps to avoid any shipping damage. If you don't have the time, hire a neighbor’s kid to make the drive. If the amps reputation holds up, it's only going to be a one way trip.
Hi Markus,
I have much admiration for Lamm and their earned accolades and logic
would suggest that a 37K amplifier should be clearly superior to a 6K
amplifier. That may turn out to be the case. In High End audio there are
exceptions to expectations despite price discrepancies, sometimes. You
need to hear this fine amp in your system and settle endless speculation.
You're very pleased with your present amplifier and have said it's the best
you've had so far in your home. If the Lamm's performance surpasses it,
congratulations you now have a new amp in your system. If it doesn't
(merely different), you're left no worse off with your current Frankenstein.
You won't lose with either outcome and stand to possibly gain. Good luck
If I may offer my opinion. I never had Franks in my own system, but heard them maultiple times in various contexts.
I've had different highly regarded amps in my system before I acquired Lamm
I do own Lamm ML 2. And in the context of my own syste, the ML-2 are clearly superior to everything else
I'd be very surprised if Franks turned out to be a better amplifier, than ML-2 in the same system.
But that is just an opinion.
After much thought, I finally called my friend to accept his offer. He did not hear back from me right away so he sold the amps to his nephew. Guess the Lamm's were not in the cards.
Thanks for all the well received thoughts from all you guys.
Are you disappointed Markus? I think it would have been an informative and
fun experience hearing them in your very nice system. There'll be other
You are right Charles. The opportunity will present itself once again. I really would have enjoyed the comparison but part of me is glad I didn't spend the money.
I feel your lose. Ask your friend if you can get in touch with his nephew, you never know when things may change.
Do you know 213Cobra (Phil)? He's very knowledgeable and has good ears. He has substantial experience with the Franks, Lamm2.1, Audion 845 SET, Golden Dream 300b PSET and Atma-Sphere OTLs, send him an email, he's a nice guy.