Columbia 2 Eye Question

After removing "Another Side of Bob Dylan" from the platter this morning, I noticed something odd.

The "360 Sound Stereo" printing across the bottom is black on this record. I purchased this on release in August of 1964.

Now, I have literally hundreds of original 2 Eyes from the 60's including Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Super Session, Electric Flag, yadda yadda yadda and this is the first label I've seen with black printing. For those of you old enough, you know that almost all have white printing.

So, I started looking at all of my original 2 Eyes and can't find another with black printing.

Anybody know the significance if any?

I also have a Dylan album in a mono cover with a mono label that is clearly stereo but that's for another day.

Thanks in advance.
I thought the switch from black to white predated 1964, but that's the great thing about collecting records..there are always exceptions.
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Those with black are earlier pressings. The last 6-eyes were pressed in 1962 and then replaced with the two-eye with black lettering. The lettering was changed to white a few years later and lasted until the end of 1969 when the two-eye was discontinued.

Audiofeil Your label with 360 sound in black should also have the black arrows.The first version of this label(immediately following 6 eye ) has the type in black but does not have the arrows.Stereo red label white logos black type below no arrows #8626-#8835.Stereo red label white logos black type below with arrows #8854-#9128.Another Side is #8993 hence black type with the arrows.