Dylan Vinyl CBS UK or Columbia for 1960 stuff

Hi I'm looking at buying some older Dylan Vinyl and I was wondering if anyone had the experience that they would like to share on the sound quality on any Original Dylan Vinyl from the UK CBS Orange lables stereo Versus the USA Columbia say 2 Eye Stereo copies. The reason I'm asking as it is very expensive to buy any of these and want to go all CBS or all Columbia, and if anyone has a collection I would buy threw audiogon listed items.

I know the Mono are probably better

Any reply appreciated
It may depend on which title you are looking for. I can tell you that the "Freewheeling" on Columbia sounds better than alot of other older Dylan Lp's I have. I think that generally, his sonics were not that great, but Freewheeling stands out in my system regardless of what I play it on. Now, if someone disagrees with this, by all means, please let me know. I would like to search out his better sounding LP's from this era.
Myself,I would go US on Dylan.The US pressings are easy to date.The UK pressings are much more difficult to identify chronological.I would not want to rely on seller claims for info.Also available quantities of US LPs should be vast compared to UK.As far as Mono/Stereo you would need both as they are different.I think the New York recordings vs. Nashville is the big factor.This comes to a head on Blonde on Blonde which is a hybrid and the NY cuts outshine the Nashville in my experience.Good luck wouldn't want to be starting on this journey so late in the day.Though as he is the greatest of all time what else can you do?