columbia vinyl dylan remasters

so, here's the deal. i can get a killer per lp cost on the columbia vinyl remasters but i must buy the entire dylan catalog on the label. something > 50 recordings. should i do it? at what price (USD) per? TIA.


ps- i already have the mono sundazed reissues and own at least one pressing of all dylan records, AFAIK, available on vinyl.
i should also add that the catalog is not yet complete but will purportedly be reissued over several months, perhaps as long as two years. -cfb
I am a Dylan fan but only own about 32 of his albums. There were enough that I didn't care about that it would make it hard to justify the cost. Unless you were getting them so cheap that the so-so (obviously open to interpretation) ones were free it would hard to pass up.
What you really need is a CAS (cheesehead Audio Society). Why not have both!
Comfedboy and all others; The Absolute Annaloge recording of Blood On The Tracks and Highway 61 albums are the best versions ever of them..don't hesitate if you get the chance to hear or buy.
I'm buying them and I don't even have a TT anymore. I can't think of a better reason not to get back into the TT market.
If I can just control the madness. My obsession with tweaking VTA, bla,bla,bla almost sent me to the silly farm.
Or was it Maggie's farm?
ben: i've put in my order. just waiting for confirmation from the rep. and for those who've emailed me, no i can't get but one "deal." -cfb
I bought the columbia reissue of Blood on the Tracks a while ago. Last weekend I bought the simply vinyl reissue. The sound of the latter is far and away better than the columbia. I don't remember what I paid for the columbia but the SV version was worth the difference. Even though the columbia came from a seller in Iowa.
I am happy with the Sundazed Dylan reissues. Are there better options out there?