Combining HT and Stereo only setup. Recos Please


My present budget system is as follows :

Home theater :
Sony DVPC685V
Onkyo TX-SR 502
Hsu Research VT-12 6 channel surround system
Adire Rava Subwoofer
Acoustic Research cables all around

2 Channel setup in my bedroom :
Magnepan MMG
Sony Walkman for the CD player
Nakamichi DR-10 Tape Deck
QED Interconnects and Home Depot HD-14 speaker cable.

I know that many audiophiles might faint seeing that I'm using a walkman and Home depot cables, but I'm okay with the setup. I largely listen to classical and classic rock. So my bedroom system works just fine. It could use more power though.

Now my problem is that I want to combine the two and have just one system. Having two systems is taking up too much real estate in my small apartment.

I've about $2k invested in the above. So i'm looking for something in this price range. I'd ,at minimum, like a 3.1 HT setup that can double up as a great 2 channel system.
If the fronts are towers that can go down to abt ~40Hz, then I can let go of the sub. Or else I'll keep it.

Though I love my maggies, I am ready to replace them with something else, as I see that they demand space and power. Both of which are currently in short supply.

Please suggest something that'll fit in my scheme of things.
I tried creating a HT and stereo system years ago, and like you, I didn't have a deep wallet. I eventually ended up selling it and buying the best stereo that I could. The better the stereo, the better the imaging and if you sit close the center, you won't need a center channel. You already seem to realize that the expense of the rear speakers and amplification for them isn't really needed either.

It would be a different story if you had $40k or more to spend, but a really good stereo makes a really good HT. The problem most people have if they're not rich is that the cost of five speakers and sub, the processor and the amplification for everything causes us to buy a lot of lesser quality hoping that being surrounded by sound makes up for the lack of quality sound. I found out that for me, it doesn't!
Nice to know that there are sane people out there, who have one system in a small apartment. I represent the insane ones who have 3 systems in a 2 bedroom apartment (my wife shakes her head a lot).

Assuming that you are buying new and have a budget of about $2K, here is a 3 channel system that will do very well with both music and movies.

ARCAM AVR200 (list $1200, can probably get it for about $1000). What you give up in power (90 wpc for 2 channel; 75 wpc for 5 channel, all channels driven), you will pick up in musicality and true hifi sound for CD's. University Audio is an ARCAM dealer. CJ Lundberg is an excellent person to deal with.

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 ($250)
Wharfedale Diamond 9CS ($250)

Well reviewed monitors. Track down any of the last 3 issues of What Hi Fi to see how sensational these speakers are and how well they stack up against comparable models from Monitor Audio; B&W; EPOS; etc. What Hi Fi also recommends going with the more expensive center channel speaker ... big time upgrade. Audio Advisor is a Wharfedale dealer.

CD/DVD Player:
SONY ES DVP-NC555ES ($600) is a very well built and excellent performing DVD; CD; SACD changer. A real sleeper in the SONY ES line. You can see this unit on-line at Crutchfield .

A really sweet system for about $2100 new. I am sure that you can shop around and save some more cash.

The big issue that I see for you is how much will you miss your Maggies? I have never owned a pair of Maggies, but judging from the tesimonials of those that do would suggest that Maggie owners are fans for life.

Regards, Rich

You are right in that maggie owners find it hard to get back to box speakers. Offlate, i'm having a hard time setting aside time to listen to music. And thats one of the reason why I want to have just one system. Something thats good in stereo/HT.

But MMGs are darn good speakers. If I were to buy a house, I'd not hesitate to buy them all over again.
Wow. This is 15 years ago and the same issues are still in play now in 2021.  I would be so curious to learn how these posters got on in their journey’s.  

After all this time, I think less is more and a great 2 Chanel system works well for both HT and music listening.