Comments on Lexicon Processors

Anyone had the chance to compare a Lex DC-2 to MC-1, could you tell the difference, is there one?? The only thing I can find is the MC-1 has a better S/N ratio than the DC-2, about 10 db I believe. Is this audible???
With the new Lex about to be released I would wait and get really good deals on the MC1 as they will be flooding in to dealers toward trade in toward the MC12 and you will get a much better price.As for 10db differenece in S/N it certainly is audible.
You might try It's a support forum for Lexicon and has some very knowledgable people making regular comments. The issue of DC2 vs MC1 has been discussed in detail and is easily retrievable with a search. I've had a DC2 for 2 years and haven't looked back yet.