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Should I upgrade EAD DSP 7000 sr.II w. Boelens?
Get the upgrades.The DAc eesntialy was a great stock piece in it's time,and if you are not interested in Upsampling,the upgrades will bring it up to anything made today. 
Trelja in New York - 2005
Actualy it is not.I am dealer for DK designs and also for VSA so I have a pretty good idea what I like with both of them.To be quite honest after what I say about the DK designs marketing strategy I doudt I will be one for much longer.This is a sh... 
Trelja in New York - 2005
Have to agree with most of your thoughts.Gingko was there however,down in the software area.They had all their platforms on static display ttS and cd players in a booth selling Sacds and Xrcds.I agree the Hyperion line is a no brainer and in m my ... 
Anyone using Digital-Precise digital interconnect?
Tey it it has a 15 day ,money back gurantee.I will refraim from commenting asI am the dealer who carries it ,I would be biased in expressing any opinion. 
Does anyone know the future of EAD.
Go ahead and buy it it.Boelen Electronics will honor all warranrtee repair work.They were the original EAD in Iowa.They do super work and there modifications on equipment is outstanding. 
Need a transport for EAD 9000pro III
Wrong combination.Try to find an Ultradisk 2000 Transport or a T 7000 or 8000.Send your dac down to Boelen Electornics get both the Dac and transport modded and there is nothing out there that will beat it. 
T-7000 didn't work out, now what?
Only the early T -7000 had the Philips mechanism.Most T 7000 had the Pioneer stable platter. 
EAD in the CES
They are no longer making any product and are being reorginized.Boelen Electronics is handling all warrantee issues(the original EAD).They were not at CES 
Are any of the newer DACs better than BB PCM63s?
Quite simply noise is the biggest culprit in Audio particuraly digital.This is why a good many audiophiles still swear by vinyl even with all the clicks and pops.Most digital just does not sound musical,nor do any of the Hi rez formats other than ... 
Transport recommendation for EAD DSP7000
Since I am dealer I will be considered biased if I post brands ,so email me privately.I will tell you what I use with my DSP 9000MKIII 
Are any of the newer DACs better than BB PCM63s?
Implementation fo course is very important,and actualy is the key to how well a DAC will untimately sound.I respectively disagree that the Crystal chips come any where close to what a 63k,or 1702k dac chip in cleanliness,and overall musicality .Fr... 
Are any of the newer DACs better than BB PCM63s?
Best dac chips made period.Followed by the 1702k BBs 
EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic
You have no dsp engines with them.Since bass management,roll off, ect , are pretty much very bacic in most of these DVD and Universal Player systems you probably would be be very limitied in customizing your sound 
EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic
I forgot.Since the the Alpha Digital EAD is NOT a true balanced pre/pro,other than convenience there is no audible improvement of single ended. 
EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic
The bottom line is there nothing in software passed 24/96.Theotricaly it is possible to get to 192,though I have yet to hear or see anything close to it.As far as I know you cannot get blood from of a stone.This upsampling,oversampling is nothing ...