Due to COVID-19 I had to part out my system, which I really miss a lot. Considering rebuilding and as mentioned here numerous times, speakers should be considered first. I had Martin Logan hybrids (Spires) driven with ample power and really loved the sound in any room that I placed them. Only downside was they didn’t do poorly recorded tracks very well (as with many speakers) such as 70/80’s rock. There was also the "head in the vice" issue that ML’s are known for and sometimes they were a tad on the bright side, which could have been those "Rooms". All aside, including the room, if you are familiar with that ML sound, can anyone recommend a box, planar, electrostatic or open baffle speaker that will give a similar or better sound as my previous speakers, or should I just go back to Martin Logan’s? Thing is, ML’s seem to have gone WAY up in price! The equivalent to the Spires are now $9-$13 grand! (I paid $5K for demos). Where something like the Spatial Audio M3 Sapphires, Magnepan 3.7’s or Fritz Carrera 7 BE’s with a couple of subs (all having great reviews) come in around half of what they want for the ML’s. By the way, I will probably put a separate (vintage?) system together for rock, so looking to build ML replacement system to listen mostly to jazz.


I have the Fritz Carrera BE’s with a Rel T5i.  It sounds fantastic.  I can whole heartedly recommend Fritz Speakers.  His speakers sound fantastic, his build quality is awesome (I especially like my Walnut finish) and his prices are really good considering the drivers used and the build quality.

All of his speakers use drivers that you can buy and easily change out in the field should you ever have a problem.

On top of all this, Fritz is an awesome guy to deal with.  He’s very knowledgable and can answer any and all of your questions regarding the sound profile of each of his speakers.
Thanks b_limo, it does seem his products are very highly regarded.
I do worry a bit about integrating a sub. Some say it very difficult, others say it's a snap. Rumor has it that at one time Fritz offered a floorstander. I
need to further research! 
There’s a pair of Nola KO2s at Upscale Audio for under $8k ($14k new) that are worth a look.  Best of luck. 
Quad z series they
Have have an increíble ribon rweeter rthe throw a huge soundstag e and are a great deal

Dave and troy
Audio intellect Nj
Quad dealer
Interesting soix, did you happen to read the one, lowly review on Upscale's website about the Nolas?

"A bit concerned as to how a $14,000 speaker can be reduced by about $10,000 unless the $14,000 was extremely overpriced. I bought a pair of the Nola Boxer 2's for $1,900. I'd hate to see how much it actually costs to make them. I'd assume not much more than the cost of my replacement tweeter I bought directly from Carl M. in New York $125 dollars"

Hey Dave & Troy, I like the looks of the  Quad Z 3 floor stander (wife wants white), but I Google mapped your location and you are 2,951 miles away, a 44 hour drive (without traffic, whatever that means?). So it maybe a while before I visit. Thanks though! 

That’s not a review.  That’s a guy who can’t do math.  Great speakers at a great price IMHO.