compare different grades of Audioquest cable

Anybody listened to various Audioquest cables and come up with opinions about the differences as you go up the line? Particularly as you go up the various Rocket cables, and to Rockefeller, Gibraltar, and Comet. Where is the sweet spot in the line in terms of bang for buck versus diminshing returns?
Tried the Gibraltar, very good, bought the Oaks, even better. Sold the Oaks after about a year and now have the Wildwood. Each one was better than the next by a respectable margin. The Wildwood is unreal. As for best value I would say the Oaks as they are a double counterspirel wire so it is almost like double biwire in a single cable and they're not ridiculously priced.
I am planning on routing cable under the floor so the wires are not visible. Looking at long runs, especially to rear speakers. Never spent this much on cable before...
Oops, didn't think about long runs, could get costly$$$. I only use three footers. In that case for the money try Rocket 88 or Gibraltar. My speaker dealer has 800 diamonds double biwired with long runs w/Rocket 88. Not a bad sounding combo! For the money that maybe the sweet spot.
Thanks. Was wondering if people thought the price differential between Gibraltar and Rocket cables was worth it. I can't afford oak at the run lengths I am looking at.
Also we would be talking about the revel salon 2 speakers if anyone has opinion about these speakers and audioquest cable
I've said this before...the only way to know how a cable sounds is to listen to it in YOUR system. All cables sound different connected to different components. In MY system, Audioquest Sky/Everest was a terrific combination, but the Audioquest Signature series WFL Signatures, were absolutely many times the cost of the Sky/Everest. Go figure.
Thanks for your input. I will have Audiogon close down the cable forum because it serves no useful purpose.
I have no experience with Revel except hearing the Harmon demo trailer with the Levinson/Revel setup. It was very good by the way. They had the top Transparent cabling throughout. As far as your Revels with any AQ cabling goes IME AQ cables are neutral IMO and should not change the character of your gear.
I've used AQ cables for over 20 years. Currently using 10' runs of Type 8 for speaker (AQ bananas on the amp end, AQ spades on speaker end), a VDM 5 silver coax from a Squeezebox to the DAC, a VDM 3 coax from the CD player to the DAC, King Cobra RCAs from my phono preamp, and Diamondback XLRs for DAC to pre, and pre to power amp. All sound great, and look like bungee cords.
Audioquest biwire rocket 88 with dbs 72v with Audioquest vodka digital optical combo running with marantz pm6005 amp was completely unreal when I played gladiator ost 'we are free'.

It was a holy shit. Get em if u can afford em.
I sell a lot of Audioquest these days. From the cheapest till cables like Redwood and Wild. The Audioquest rocket 88 is by far the one I sell most. The dbs 72v makes a huge improvement. When you go up the line, dynamic increase, better blacks, more decay, more realistic sound, more resolution and a wider and deeper stage. At the end you get more of all the good parts they can give!