Comparing Amp Stands and Racks from Adona, EdenSound, and Symposium

I’m upgrading my butcher block maple rack (similar to Mapleshade Sampson rack) and amp stand to either Adona, EdenSound, or Symposium.  Has anybody compared the Adona amp stand  ($310 with cones), TerraStone DM ($1000), and Symposium Ultra Platform ($799)?  They all use different materials with Adona and Symposium using a multilayer of dissimilar materials.  The butcher block maple rings.  There are good reviews for all products but which one is the most effective while being the most neutral?
Symposium or Gingko Audio, great results with both. Syposium is best under speakers, Gingko under amps, digital and turntables
Hi Mike: Nice to see you chiming in. I use an Adona rack (which I especially like because it's completely adjustable) and looks cool. I used their shelves for years, but have upgraded them to Marigo Audio composite shelves that can be custom made to any size you want. I also use Marigo footers on the rack itself and under components.