Comparison between Bryston BDA-1/BCD-1&Moon CD-1

Anyone can provide some personal experiences with these highly reviewed pieces? I am trying to get an idea of the sonic differences between them. Unfortunately, we don't have a Simaudio dealer in my area. Thanks in advance for all responses.
I can't comment on the Moon CD-1,but I can on the Bryston's.
First I aquired the BCD-1,I used the analog out of the BCD-1 into my prepro(using dacs in the BCD-1).Then I purchased the BP-26 and BDA-1.I still use the analog out of cdp to the 26,
butI also use the aes digital out of the cdp to the BDA-1.
I can listen to each at a turn of a knob.Some people say they can hear a difference and some can't.I for one cannot hear a difference,but I still go back to my analog outs of the BCD-1.
If there is a difference I can't hear it or perhaps it's so suttle that the analog side of the BCD-1 opens the door a little more for what were after,music.I don't know but I
like them both alot.I did prefer the BCD-1 over a 8000.00
tube cdp,and I wanted the tube cdp for over a year,to my ears I kept going back to the Bryston.
It would be great if we all had access to alot more pieces
to compare others to.I live a few hrs away from any city
and unless you make it a whole day of auditioning pcs,with
your own music,it makes it tough to find the right pc. and
be content every time you play your music.I was intersted in 3pcs,and my ears picked the right one for me even though I had wanted the 8000 cdp for over a year.No regrets here.