component problems driving me from the hobby?

I have had a very bad time of it for the last,almost two years,with varying little problems.Alot of new additions,that just continue to plague me with component failure.From amp to line conditioner/table/CD player,tonearm etc.It is almost surreal!

I have been at this for about fourty years,so I know what I'm doing,but this latest round may drive me from the hobby!Btw,I don't feel sorry for myself,but am disgusted!!
I am doing far too much diagnostics/schlepping,and way too little listening pleasure!!I've also spent alot of money lately,on the hobby.

Here's my question,and I really would appreciate some "thoughtful comments".....

My pre was in use playing my CD player and I noticed noise in the volume control when I moved it.This happened awhile ago,so I just blew some air into the contacts and circuitry with an air spray can.It cleared up,awhile ago,and somewhat tonight.

Yet,upon further play I still noticed some noise(like a static/dusty sound,when moving the volume control.I stopped CD play and ran a few click stops to hear it's effect....After five volume click stops(only around 9 or 10 o'clock on volume control,I got a POP sound,and the pre went dead!

I can't check out my analog,because I am awaiting a new arm,which had set up problems.

Thinking I am cursed,as of late,as I have a dedicated room/dedicated lines/superb line regeneration/line conditioners etc.

Any thoughts as to the cause of the pre failure?

Thanks so much...
It seems unusual that so many components would cause failures. Most likely it's coincidental.

Since you have dedicated circuits/lines it might not be a bad idea to have a top-flight electrician check all electrical contacts for secure connections/contacts and also for phase and polarity and grounding.

I've been running dedicated lines/circuits for years without issue however I've heard a rumor or two in time past that dedicated lines on opposing phases and/or reversed polarity and/or grounding issues can cause additional AC noise and/or shorten the life of the components.

I've never heard of any such actual failures due to poor electrical but if you are routinely running into multiple component failures then perhaps there is something common to all components that is causing this.

You don't list any of your components but you mention you own one or more line conditioners which are a fantastic addition to any system. The only problem here is that many line conditioners are not worth owning or using because they actually induce their own sonic harm.

Perhaps the line conditioner you are using happens to be a lemon and hence is somehow altering the AC so that it is shortening the life of your components.

It's just a shot in the dark but I think it safe to assume that if properly altering the AC will improve sonic performance, then perhaps improperly altering the AC could negatively affect the sonics and/or components.

Hang in there. I've been at it for fifty years. Most likely you are going through a rough patch. I agree with earlier poster's that most likely you have a power problem. Do call the power company and ask them to check the transformer that is feeding your line. These unit s do go bad and create all kinds of problems.
Sounds like DC got to your pre. Have your pre AND your CD player checked out. Depending on their design( you don't mention mfr.) capacitors or servos may have failed.

I doubt it is ac line related if you live in a metropoliton area. Although, it may be the DC supply in your pre...especially if it is a tube unit. Contrary to what most people think, its high voltage not heat that causes most problems with tube units.

A spot of bad luck. The more expensive the toys the more annoying it can be...been there! You'll be fine...
It would help to know exactly all these components, first off if others have had exact units with issues it would be good to know, also might be able to help... You have no system listed so its a bit difficult to see what we are working with.
I would say your predicament is unusal. I have also been at this for forty years, and once lost my home and entire system to a house fire, and an occaisional failure here and there, but nothing like you're experiencing. I'm currently using a passive pre, which is not connected to the house mains at all, and I love what I am hearing. My cd player is getting long in the tooth, but it keeps going, as does amp, outboard dac, Time Lens, etc.

I have a dedicated circuit I installed myself, with two conditioners, one passive, one not. Hope you get your problems sorted out, not enjoying music on a daily basis is not an option!

Good luck,

Well thanks to all,so far!!.....My equip is all connected to a "perfectly working" Exact Power EP-15a/Ultrapure unit.I regenerate a constant 120 v at 60 hz,in "balanced" connect for A/C.The Sub(Rel Stentor)is in it's own dedicated line(all lines are just fine),and not connected to the conditioners.
The pre is a rebuilt( awhile ago from Great Northern Sound,who does great work,btw)Audio Res SP-15,which I preferred to my previous SP-10,and SP-11.The amp is a Jeff Rowland "two chassis" 8t,where 18 months ago,Jeff Rowland did an entirely new "one off" rebuild to the Power supply,as a favor to me.
I've always loved the way the set-up configured to my tastes,but my static pop problems began with the addition of my new arm(not going to name mfgr).

I began to get a static popping when I moved from the old arm.
This caused a failure in my tables P/S and I just got a brand new table.I am awaiting a brand new arm,and it's cabling.
My CD play has been superb all along,but I did get "one single Pop",last week when setting up the new table,and at that point I felt the arm may have a grounding issue.It went back,for this and other set-up issues.Like not holding VTF for more than a single LP.
So,last night I began CD play,and it was clear the sound was not right.I was getting too much emphasis on my left channel,and all diagnostics resulted in "something weird" with the pre....Whew!!!
At that time I was hearing some static swishing sound when the volume was being moved,and decided to give the knobs,and internal circuitry a "spritz" with the spray air can.I wonder if the difference in temp between the air,and the warm circuitry weakened some "about to fail" circuit or something.
So things started to sound better,but after actually enjoying some music,for a change,the vol control got a little noisey again....I stopped CD play,and just moved the pre's volume control a few click stops,when..."pop" and NO more music to be played.
Truthfully,I was not the least bit upset,as I am getting a little numb to the hobby,which I am now taking a "new" hard look at...with all the expenses involved,and the complexity of a superb set-up(something I know I have from listening experience).

It's like "spend,spend,spend,for more,more,more/better/prettier stuff,of more complexity",which will surely fail,and you begin the diagnostic quest,to determine the culprit!!
I recently heard a demo of a 400,000 dollar set-up,which was no better than mine(seriously,and "it" is far from inexpensive)from a listening standpoint,but the "pitch" was big time,and convincing!!
I kinda like my spare time,and am getting a bit annoyed with the entire experience.Yet,methinks the pre may have some issues,and Great Northern Sound can do some "new" amazing things with it,so all may be OK,if I can work up any more enthusiasm.
Best to all.
Sorry about the threadjack, But why do we say "one off"? I think of it as a single - more or less custom- piece of gear. Why not call it a one of? As in one OF a kind? One Off sounds terrible what went off? did it fall off etc.?

I can only add my hopes that you find a fast, cheap and lasting "fix".

I, too, have a huge investment in my music system. Relaxing to good music is a spiritual/emotional balm the likes of which I've not found elsewhere. I just went through a similar experience to yours waiting months for an expensive custom linestage to be built, only to find myself dealing with an ultimately unsolvable ground loop that even Jensen transformers couldn't cure. I'll lose $1000+ selling the linestage knowing it'll perform beautifully in someone else's home.

I did replace it with another design that now performs just as beautifully in my home. I am determined to dance with the gear I've got till the tires shred and the rims melt.

Think positively - you'll be back in that sweet spot before very long, I'm sure.
Electronic equipment failure truly stresses me out (I work in the medical field). Whenever I run into this situation, either at work or at home, I have to make a concerted effort to FIRST calm myself. Then, I must take an empirical aproach to the problem. Analyzing from top to bottom each link in the chain. I've enjoyed your posts throughout the years. You'ved helped me. Best of luck.
Actually my message to you is very simple keep a good backup system around when things go south. It won't make you feel like it's OK when gear fails but at least you will have music in your life.
I am fortunate as well thank goodness, and have really only gotten sick over CD transports crapping out as if they are supposed to do that. I can't stand it so you have my empathy. Sure I have had more than one amp fail at one point and it seems that every time I buy a Preamp on the cheap one channel is out. That is true except a couple I use now.
This hobby is a great one to be immersed in. I couldn't give it up if I tried. Perserverance is the word, and as Winston Churchill said "Never ever ever Quit." BTW he was wrong about anything he could enjoy being immoral, illegal or fatening. This hobby is none of those things.
Good luck it is likely on its way in your direction as a staistical probability it must.
Well,I am going to consider a successful ending,"if" it actually turns out to be a pre(now,looks that way)problem.

I will connect my CD player to the amp,"when I get some enthusiasm back".If that works(if not there are no tall buildings around-:)....and I hear music(forgot what it sounds like,for more than ten minutes)I will definitely use the opportunity to make it an "upgrade" experience.This would be gratifying.

I've flirted with upgrading my already highly modded pre/phonostage,by updating to Teflon caps,and a few other tid-bits,but if things "do" go my way,that direction could work out as a very worthy situation,in the end......

If there ever is an end!

Btw,thanks for the "much appreciated" support.Not really too distressed,which is a testament to two glasses of nice Shiraz!