Componets first, cables second?

I often hear about the improvements cables have made to systems, whether IC or speaker cables. Then IK hear the advice, buy the best components you can afford and upgrade cables along the way.

What I am wondering is is it, buy the best compnents you can afford and worry about cables later on down the road, or is it, a balance between the two to achieve the sound one is after?

For xample, to be more concrete, should I buy a better CDP and sacrifice on the cabling or should I buy a more moderate CDP and get a high quality cable?

Any expereince/advice is welcome
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Well I'll chime in on the side of balance, throwing myself to the wolves. While I agree that yes it's best to go with the source first, that is assuming that you DO NOT neglect the cables. Some will max out their funds on the source and never get around to taking care of cables. I have heard $7K cd players with $3K power cords run rings around $10K-$20K players and seperates with lesser cords. Don't laugh, I know some whose power cords cost more than their source, and swear by it.

So I would say to come up with a budget, the maximum amount that you think you will spend, and make sure not to ignore the cables. I won't go so far as to name a percentage, because synergy is too important. However, due to synergy, it is best to choose components first, as the cables that best suit them can be altered by your component choice.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you don't balance the system, and the system includes cables, you will be limiting yourself one way or the other.

Synergy is a word often used to describe a good sounding system. I think both are equally important and should be well thought out and included in your budget. DO not sacrifice on cabling, otherwise you will never know what your player is capable of.
Thats good to hear the word balance in there. Synergy as well. Thanks John for being the sacrifical lamb. Your advice is always a pleasure.
Components first cables second. It's all about budget though. There are some really good inexpensive cables. So, no great component need be without good cables.