Concert Videos

My OPPO 981 died the other day and frankly doesnt owe me anything, It's worked well for quite some time. So time for an upgrade. I enjoy watching DVD concerts on the flat panel and obviously playing the audio through my high end system. I've narrowed down to the following and as always would appreciate any and all thoughts or other suggestions:

Cary Audio Design DVD 6 HDCD/DVD player for $450 Used


OPPO 103 for $600 new

Thanks in advance
If you aren't concerned with BluRay, I used to have a Denon 5910ci that was very good thru the analog outputs. Mine sold for 750 when I sold it. I bought a new Denon A100 BluRay and as good as it is, I really do feel the 5910 was better.
I just picked up a Cambridge Audio 751BD universal player and it is wonderful for BD and DVD concerts. Video is second to none and multichannel audio is a surprising improvement over my Oppo 83 even with a digital HDMI connection. The Oppo 83 is a great performer so I was quite elated that the CA 751BD could actually improve on both the video and audio through HDMI.