Cones, Points, Tweaks...???

What are the preferred items to put beneath cones, spikes, and points in terms of vibration, coupling, decoupling?
My speakers, amp stands, and equipment rack all utilize one of the above and I'm experimenting with everything from pennies to hockey pucks to try and save the floor under it all.
Check out Symposium Shelves, cheaper alternatives are maple butcher blocks........enjoy.
If you cannot couple the points, spikes, or cones directly to the mounting surface, which is the preferred method, then perhaps your next best option is to purchase the associated coupling disks from the points, cones, or spikes mfg'er.

But the coinage should suffice.

the second hassle after wires are cones, points and tweaks that realy cost pennies and you pay large hundreds instead.
try to develop tweaks yourself. they realy help but shouldn't be on the list of budget allocations. just my $.02
Like you, I want to protect my hardwood floors. I am using cutting boards (with felt feet under them) to anchor my Soliloquy 5.3s. Investment is about $30.00. Works fine for me . . .

I also used to have a Billy Bags rack with the spikes, and I used the Quadrasphere Protective Feet to which I added felt pads. Very secure, and the rack wasn't terribly difficult to move around either.
Nordost pulsar points are the way to go. You can get them to match the thread of your spike or you can just set your speakers on them and leave it like that.