Confused at the Digital / Analog Crossroads

I am currently running analog multi channel out from my upgraded Denon 3910 into a McCormack MAP1. I will get an Onkyo 855 HDMI 1.3a in shortly, that I want to match it up with a Sony SCD-XA5400ES which has (only) multi channel DSD out through HDMI 1.3a. The web posts suggests I should expect serious jitter problems without something like HATS. However, I also read about something like Audio Rate Control specified in HDMI 1.3a, that addressed the problem, which is non proprietary. Is there any way I could get this this to work between the Sony and Onkyo? If not would this be available through future firmware upgrade? Any comments on the jitter problems through standard HDMI 1.3a in general? The last thing I want to do is buy into digital hi-res to early and be stuck with 5K worth of kit that does not sound any better than my current multi channel analog setup.