Connecting confusion

I have a TDAC (Tube Audio Design DAC),  Cambridge CD player, Hegel 160 Amplifier and am trying to connect a Sony Blue Ray player to the Hegel. I don't really care about watching TV through my speakers but want to play DVD's through speakers.  I would connect the HDMI of the Blue Ray Player to the Hegel but the Hegel does not have an HDMI port (the Hegel has a Home Theater input, fixed maximum line level input, RCA right and left). Is connecting the Blue Ray directly to the Hegel the way to go (though I am still confused how to do this) or do I connect the Blue Ray to the TDAC (though I do not know how to do this).  Obviously I am confused and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks
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Thanks so much for the response.  So, does this mean you can get a cable with HDMI on one end and RCA on the other?  
I showed you the link to that type of cable. I use that from my TV to my analog integrated amp and it works fine!
Your Blu-ray player should have either a coax output (looks like single RCA cable) or optical output. Either of these should connect to your TDAC, which then connects to your Hegel. If your CD player is hooked to the TDAC and you need that input you can most likely hook the CD player analog out directory to the Hegel. 

Now that I look at it, the Hegel 160 has both coax and optical inputs so you should be able to connect the Blu-ray player directly to it. 
You can use rca or toslink coming out of your DVD player and go into your dac or into the Hegel depending on available open ports, you will need to configure the DVD player to output 2 channel instead of multichannel.